WTT: Xbox EX2 and PS3 Hori FightStick3 for a MadCatz SE SF4 Stick

Hey guys,

I’d like to get a Xbox 360 Madcatz SE stick. Currently I have a Hori EX2 xbox360 stick and a Hori Fightstick3 PS3. I want to see if I can trade my 2 sticks for this Xbox360 SE stick. I have a TE stick for my PS3, so no PS3 ones.

Anyone willing to trade?

If not, I will want to sell my Hori EX2 and my Fightstick3 .

Hori EX2 = $60 shipped
Hori Fightstick3 = $50 Shipped.

Bump…keep in mind that I would like the SE stick for 2 joysticks! Hori Ex2 and Hori FightStick 3 for the Xbox360 SE madcatz Stick