Wtts or wtt: se stick xbox360 sanwa $60 obo shipped


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Tag. Interested.


If you are willing to ship to Toronto, then let me know. Very interested


I could ship to Toronto.


Whats the best price you can do? Also, is the stick the original OEM stick?


Yes it is. $55 shipped to Canada.


Hmm, I’m interested but I’m worried about the washer problem/sticking problem since this is a madcatz stick…are you able to replace with a sanwa stick?


Seriously man? I took 5 off and told you i would ship to Canada for you. If i had a sanwa stick to put in i would obviously charge more. You guys are nuts lol. Ill give anyone a good deal who wants it.


how come your selling? did you get a better one?


I have 2 TE’s now lol. I just let my brother use it until he got his new chun TE. So ill give someone a deal on it or it will just sit in my room.


Where do you live? if I knew you better id prolly buy it off you


I live in RI. And just about everything on here is done through paypal. So if there is a problem you get your money back. Do your research man.


ill keep the page book marked i might buy it from you if its still available in a week or two


So are you selling this for 55 or 60? I live in texas :slight_smile:


I’m interested, how long will it take to ship to CA?


Will ship put same day i receive payment. Probably take between 3-5 days to receive it.