WWE All Stars side tourney?

Someone should get it going! The game is mad hype and fun.

It’s gonna happen…

ain’t stuart hayden running one at evo??? i could of sworn he was…

Yeah, I do plan on running it. I will probably need someone to help me run it though since the game got a much bigger following than I thought it would. Not that I’m complaining mind you.

I still have some shit to figure out. Figuring out if we can do mirror matches, if DLC characters should be allowed if we can’t figure out a way to mirror match.

It’ll probably be $5 to enter, double elim. 1 Match until top 4 then it’s 2/3 matches. Probably run it on Saturday.

If we could get someone to record it too I’d be very grateful. Preferably record top 8.

Stuart…I’ll help out with the tourney.

I assume it will be on PS3, right?


digimon rumble arena…

whatchall know about that

If anyone is still interested in this let me know. I want at least 8 people or I’m not going to bother.

As of now the rules will be as followed though:
-Entry $5
-System: PS3
-Pot Split: 70/20/10.
-Other prize support: Winner also gets a WWE Title Belt and an action figure of the character they win the tournament with. The action figure will be purchased AFTER evo and is a totally optional prize. I just figured it’d be something cool to do.
-**Character Rulings: **No Mirror Matches (CAW seems too flimsy), DLC Characters are allowed
-Tournament Format: Double Elim. 1 match each until Final 4. Then it’s 2/3 matches.

Anyone with any issues or suggestions with these rules, please post here or contact me via pm.


bizzump. <3 I’m still interested in running this.

Damn I wish I could’ve been involved in this…still rooting for this to come through.

I really want to get in on this.