Wwe allstars brawlstick for playstation 3 is not working


Hi guys looking for some help and was wondering if anyone knew the answer.

I recently just bought the stick off amazon. It was listed as “like new.” I’m a beginner and didn’t want to buy a $100 fight stick, just very casual here. Everything looks great it even came in the original packaging. The only problem is that it won’t connect to the PS3. I’ve heard that this stick can connect to the PC as well and I connected it but didn’t work either. I tried updating the drivers but Windows is stating that it’s the most up to date drivers. PC I don’t really mind if I have it on there or not, what I want is for it to work on the PS3.

When connected to the PS3 the stick won’t turn the console on. The PS button doesn’t seem to work at all. The lights however do blink red when I push the buttons. The turbo button works as well. I don’t know if it’s a compatibility issue with my PS3, I don’t think it should be. If it helps, I have the Super slim model that just came out recently.

When connected to the PC it immediately states that the stick is an “unknown device.”

Is this some kind of firmware issue? If so, is there anyway for me to fix it? I am open to any solution and will post updates to whether or not they work. Thanks guys.


moving to tech talk


What Stick is it, what is the brand and model?

Is the Stick new or used?

Did you buy the stick directly from Amazon or a 3rd party store?


it is the madcatz all stars wwe for the ps3. the box says it was made in 2011. I bought this “like new” from a third party seller off of amazon. this is a stock photo of it:


You were sold a faulty stick. Return it.


Agreed. (you kinda beat me to it LOL).

The answer should of been return it from me at the start, but how well you get service depends if Amazon sold it directly or was it a listing from a 3rd party.
Amazon themselves are very good about returns and customer satisfaction. If the buyer refuse to take the return report the case to amazon for judgement.
To let you know how good Amazon is with customer service, Amazon was willing to kick EA to the curb and refuse to carry any of their products (including 3rd Party listings) over how bad the new SIM CITY was and the complains Amazon got from customers and How EA treated customers on Origin (EA threatened to ban account because they had complains). Amazon was willing to end a contract with a Multi-million dollar company over complains with one shitty product and how shitty the manufacturer (EA) handled it.


Why would you buy it “LIKE NEW” ? … I bought this same stick BRAND NEW ON AMAZON for 39.99 dude about a 2 weeks ago. BRAND NEW is the only way to go man.


I agree but what done is done.

Best the OP can do is return it for a refund and either buy directly from Amazon, (instead of a 3rd party listing) for from another known and respected vender.


Thanks for the answers guys. I had a feeling there was something weird about it. I sent the seller an email yesterday but wanted to see beforehand if I could do anything about it. I didn’t buy it new because it was going for close to $60.00 for the ps3 version and I was on a budget otherwise I would’ve grabbed a better stick. I will try working this out with the seller and amazon. Thanks again guys.


I was not aware the PS3 version of the Brawl Stick was 20 bucks more on PS3 ? I paid 47 with 2 day shipping.

Then I ordered all the Sanwa Replacement parts, I ended up spending about 97 bucks for everything.


I hope everything works out for you OP.


And for a few more bucks you could have a “real stick”.


Would’ve gone for the MLG stick during NCR for $80. TE-S for $80(likely $100 after tax + shipping) > Brawl Stick for $97 imo.