WWE Allstars

I know some people think of this game as wrestling/sports but it has many of the elements of a fighting game from what I read. I just wanted to know what people think of this game/will anyone be buying it/is there any info on the modes available etc…

check the wrestling thread in general discussion. Talks of running a WWE:AS side tourney at evo are ongoing.

Achievements list and other things

Xbox360Achievements.org - WWE All Stars Achievements
New Gameplay Details on WWE?s All Stars - Wrestling-Edge.com

a lot of reviews have been saying it plays more like a traditonal fighter more than it does a wrestling game. Which is what I was hoping for.

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game II please. :cool:

I plan on holding a tournament at evo for this game. Get hype.

It does

A thread for this game already exists here

I will main hulk hogan, he better have a hulk up super

Hulk up hogan with x-factor=ggpo brother!

If they do have tag i would use megapowers as my team no doubt. Flying elbow xx leg drop of doom

Honestly though it looks like wm the arcade because the guy developing it developed wm:arcade

It’s a little over-the-top exaggerated for me, but I’ll probably still get it. I actually liked WrestleMania: The Arcade Game. I still want a 2.5D WWE fighting game.

I’m waiting for confirmation on tag team combos

Hmm so i saw th roster trailer fucking drew mcyntire wtf?

I mean wade barrett at least was a big deal last year. Drew is like so generic
where is my goldust!

The game looks silly in a good way here is two trailers to hype up people

Can’t have a fighting game without someone slowing it down.

[media=youtube]vUbvzDhdiEw&feature=fvst]YouTube - WWE All-Stars Box Art Reveal Trailer [HD[/media]

box art trailer

[media=youtube]luaZhFGB-Bk]YouTube - WWE All-Stars Second Roster Reveal Trailer [HD[/media]

full roster trailer

I’d buy this before I waste any more money on any Mortal Kombat games

Bah mk9 looks 10x funner than ssfiv

this game looks funner than tekken 6 though

Has mirror matches been confirmed? What about female CAW?

Female CAW in THIS game?

Your females would look like man-hands and super thighs flat-ass SFIV Chun…

I use mostly female CAWs in SVR, but even if they had it in here, I dont know about that…

Game bought.

Anyone played the demo? I played three matches and I’m not sure what to think. I dislike that the game has two counter buttons and you need to press both for a reversal. Run and irish whip as the same button is WTF to me. I used Mysterio in the demo and he fun to use. Couldn’t find any of his juggles or chains (assuming he has any) but his signatures were easy to land.

Dont know what to think either.

I only used UW a few time. Hold HP = launcher…into combos or grab from air. Seemed like he wasnt running every time I held the run button.

a couple of notes: Rey is free against warrior, YOU CAN play this game on stick although you wont have taunt, it feels more precise on the sticks, you cannot mash counter grabs and strikes (there is a specific window of timing to press the button), learn how to do launchers or attacks that put you in juggle state, shit will save lifes…you can combo from specific grabs to

in other words, learn how to play it or otherwise your free, mash if you want to…haha