WWE Brawl Stick with Cab


Guys i have a cab setup with some paewang pcb boards. I want to be able to play other games besides ssfiv ect…My issue is some games only utilizes the thumb stick for movement. I have two brawl sticks that have the option of switching between the left, right thumb stick and the d-pad. Has anyone done a mod on a cab that had this option? I don’t mine scrapping the sticks to do the mod, but i wanted to know if there’s any other easier way that i can get this accomplish?


The easier mention instead of scraping a existing arcade stick, buy actual joysticks and push buttons and wire them up that way.

Also what system is your cab running on? PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC?


My cab is running on a Xbox 360. I have joystick and push buttons already wired up to my cab. My issue is i want to be able to use the thumb stick functionality because some games does not allow you use the D-Pad you have to use the thumb stick. I have paewang pcb boards for player 1 and 2. I don’t believe it will allow thumb stick setup, but correct me if I’m wrong. So if this can be done please point me in the right direction? Thanks again for your input.


For PCBs if your willing to solder, the Mad Catz Fight Pads for the Xbox 360 are a good choice
It has a LS-DP-RS (Left Analog, D-pad, Right Analog) Selector which makes the d-pad on the game controller into 1 of 3 types of input.


Yeah i looked at those, but the problem with that is the switch is pretty small. The brawl stick that i have the switch is much bigger. I guess that would be my choice for now, sucks. It’s a lot of wiring that would need to be done because i have leds on each button. What about modding an Xbox 360 wired controller? I know you can use the pcb board for a stick, but could i wire it up to the thumb stick instead of the D-Pad?