WWE Brawlstick Help

So my friend has a broken WWE SE Brawlstick where the Y button will only activate maybe 20~30% of them time when you press it. Could anyone tell us if the problem is the button, or the sensor, and will buying a new button fix the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Open up the BrawlStick, unless if it’s still under warranty, and you want to contact Madcatz and fix it that way.

Otherwise, open it up with a screwdriver, and remove the two wires connected to the Y button with Quick Disconnects. Take those off, and peel back the vinyl sleeves.

Then, plug it into the system, touch the two metal tabs together, and see if the button will always work. If it does, it means your button is just bad. Replace with Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons to fix.

If it doesn’t, then it could be a PCB problem of sorts, but just try that to see first.

Most likely yes it will. Although the Brawlstick does use better quality buttons than the old SF4 SE sticks, they sill are pretty rubbish compared to sanwa.

It’s most likely that the buttons have just crapped out. My vanilla brawlstick used to have button issues like this, but they dissipated once I swapped them for sanwa parts.

Thanks guys!

Yeah they’re barely better than what’s in the SF4 SE stick, the connectors on the BrawlStick buttons are super flimsy and a lot of times they’re not even plugged in all the way. One of the quick connects may have just come off inside the case.

If you replace you might as well get 6 of them. Sanwa OBSF-30 would be the most cost effective solution, but any 30mm snap in will do.