WWE King of The Ring Combo Thread



Reserved #1


-j.hp , mp , hp , ex konvict kick(any ender works)

  • lk, mk, hk, tag etc…
  • mk, ex dp+k , c.hk
  • uf+mk x4 , running air Powerbomb or j. hk

-s.mp , c.lp , mp, hp , tag or ex kovict kick ender combos.

-j.hp , uf.mk x3 , c.hp , ex air powerbomb.


reserved # 2


I like to start off the low to keep people guessing:
c.lk, c.mk, EX Konvict Kick, uf+mk x4, super


I’m so confused, I think last night I was landing a (L,M,H,H tag in king 3x knee lift, s.hp or c.hp, running jaguar bomb) but today I cant land this? Or am I just going crazy?


What bnb should I use after he is tagged in after a launch?


KneeLift x3, Running Jaguar
its still Day 1


I can’t get knee lift to hit after launch. Damn I suck lol


We need a section for pre-launch combos and post launch combos. Alot more organization if done this way…


Just in case no one knows, you can’t hit the knee lift after a launcher (unless you switch cancel the launcher). Opponents will keep falling fast enough for the knee to not reach without the switch cancel.

Anyways, I got some combo notations:

j. mk (can cross up), UF+MK x3 cr.hp qcb hp (Jump Medium Kick, Knee Lift times 3 Crouching Heavy Punch, Reverse Slam Combo. This can be ended with EX RSC for more damage)

Jaguar Step (Lk+Mk)-> MP or HP, cr. MK Jaguar Slam :)dp: l,m,or hp) Can also be EX’d

Cr. Mp, cr. Hp, EX Konvict Kick, cr. Mp, cr.Hp, EX Konvict Kick, Knee Lift x3, cr. HP Reverse Slam Combo (EX ender if you want to use all three bars.)


What do u mean by switch cancel? I’ve been able to consistently get the knees to work when I tag king in without having to use meter to call him in…

Unless u are referring to something else? Dont u always tag in after a launcher?


Switch cancel (mk+mp) uses meter to safely tag in your partner and yeah you could automatically tag in, but some combos are a bit limited and scaled. Switch cancelling after the launcher makes your partner come in faster and make it easier to connect the knees.


x2 knee lift whiffs on launch/tag


You guys are just doing it too late. Unless they patched the game in the past hour. I’ve been doing this consistently since it came out off of cross rave into launcher (the chain combo thing that ends in launcher and auto tags)

Is that what we are talking about here? or are you guys missing the link off of something else?

speaking of which, with hugo i always use ex lariat and then switch tag or whatever into king cuz it gets him in fairly safely,. What move can king throw out to switch tag into someone else?


i’m hitting it as i’m running in from the tag, the knee comes out too late every time


Then You just have to do it earlier. You gain control of King earlier than you think.

HOWEVER, If you corner your opponent, so far I have been unable to hit the link off the tag in the corner. Like I feel king has bad recovery or something. IDK

anyway, here just to show u it works. like was said earlier in some thread, that the number of knees you can do is 4 max, however some characters fall weird, like away from you, so u may only be able to do 3 (like here with ibuki)



Yeah I’m having a hard time with launching -> then King Knee x4. Maybe I’m exhausted from playing 8 hours straight I dunno, I’ll try again tomorrow. I couldn’t get that thing to land.


You can hit the knees off the launcher as long as they are closer to the middle of the screen than to their edge; if you go into practice, walk towards the dummy until you are pushing it. As long as you aren’t in the corner, this is how far it is until the knee doesn’t hit screenwise. If you push them a closer to you, then the knees connect.

Working on Asuka/King combos. Not much I’ve found outside of the standard upknees, really only getting 50-60 damage for my bar there

Also, going to organize some combos by meter usage for those involving EX moves. Won’t go into tags as there are 37 other characters, but the upknees are a great place to tag for juggles.

First off, if they’re crouching on the jump in, you need 1 bar or else you won’t be able to get the upknee juggles. Thus

1 Bar: j :hp: cr :mp: cr :hp: xx EX :dp: :mk::hk: uf :mk: uf :mk: uf :mk: :hp: :dp: :hp:
That’s mid to high 400 damages; TV resolution is too terrible for me to make out. It gets you a bit more damage than the standard jump in to knee juggle, not too much, BUT IF THEY ARE CROUCHING IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO FORCE A STAND. Be sure not to try and mash out the chain OR the first upknee; you don’t want a launcher or Convict Kick finisher.

For 2 bars I’m experimenting with the super, how best to combo into it. For 3, with the cross art. For said cross art, I’m currently using a 310 damage partner, so the jump in combo comes to 608 I believe. You can’t do the standard jump in combo if they’re ducking, as that takes meter, so I’ll find someway else to combo into it. For the super, the standard jump in nets you 543 or so. Pretty much 100 for 2 bars, not that impressive. If you have 3 bars and do the anti-crouching option, which is 529 I believe. Less damage, more bar, but works against crouches. I’m trying to figure out a meterless BnB right now; rather not just do a magic series into tag with less than 400 damage or so.


I feel like being able to do L,M,H,H, tag in King, knee x2, H, air grab, is easier depending on the character taggin him in. It’s very easy to do it with a tall character, such as Vega, but I couldn’t do it once with Julia. It works every time with Law as well, even in the corner, it’s just strict.


Ill organize the thread with all the posts from this and the general king when I get home in a bit.


Godlike thread title.