WWE SVR11 Street Fighter CAWs - Trailer (Gameplay Video & Download Info)

New Trailer: [media=youtube]l2qAipPGbkg[/media]

(For those who have 11:30 to spare or are interested in SVR11)

This trailer shows what the CAWs look like in matches & in Story Designer mode. I also show off moves & alternate attires. One last note: I’ve made Fei Long a bit smaller & have completed Dan’s 1st (primary) attire.

these are awesome :smiley:

I play SVR more than SFIV, this is awesome. If this is on 360 I’ll def download these, after they fix the online w/DLC glitches.

Really nice work there…I might even get SVR now.

Fucking awesome vid…I’m actually interested in playing this.

Thanks, again! :slight_smile:

I just finished creating Chun-Li, so I’ll post pics in this thread when I get a chance. The face and her main attire aren’t exactly up to par (not my fault :(…,) but her Alpha attire came out pretty good IMO.