WWF No Mercy for the N64


I preferred WCW/NWO Revenge, but god, old wrestling games kicked ass… I loved playing the hell out of those wrestling games mang.


Nice thread! I used to play these games very seriously when they were released and almost always return them every year or so. I never got to play anyone who was serious about competing outside of my friends in like 9th grade when World Tour was released.

Anyway, When WCW/nWo World Tour was out my friend had a magazine that had interesting data on the game such as who bled easily and their weak points. The only thing I remember was that the magazine claimed Norton bled VERY easily. From experience I’d say Macho Man did as well (so many matches started off with my doing Hogan’s lariat and Macho being bloody 2 seconds from the bell). Does anyone recall this article or information?

I always preferred the WCW ones over the WWF but No Mercy was always my least fav (yes, it has the best options for a match) but it is so slow for 4 way matches and sometimes the game gives you a wide camera shot if your opponent has a valet/manager. The WCW ones had Japanese wrestlers and/or move sets (YUJI NAGATA and ULTIMO DRAGON!!!)

Just trying to keep this thread alive.


Fire Pro Wrestling.


No mercy growing up was what all the big kids in my neighborhood played I never really pike it As much because it was complicated to play and hard to get pass by but until I gave it a shot I didn’t even know how I manage to play so well xpac was the only character I recognized at the time cuz I never really watched wrestling :slight_smile: great ge though.


Just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone in this thread!

I just came back from Maffew’s No Mercy tournament at Magfest, which had a full 32-man bracket and was bigger than SF4 there. Despite not having played the game in like 10 years, I came in 2nd with X-Pac! I somehow managed to beat someone (an Undertaker) who was 10x better than me at the fundamentals, but lost in the finals to an Austin who just kept countering all my offense on reaction. Still did better than I expected, and it was well worth the day spent there!

I feel like X-Pac doesn’t necessarily belong in a tier of his own - his crappy strikes make it hard for me to get anything going on people who counter well. Austin does much better in that regard and also has the sleeper, so that matchup seems like it could be fairly even. X-Pac’s matchups vs. superheavyweights are what keep him at #1, I think. X-Pac/Austin/Andre for top 3 imo.


I have a question, how exactly does Benoit rank in this game. I used to watch playthroughs with people doing speed runs with Benoit because he had the highest stats of any wrestler in the game

WWF No Mercy was a game me and my brother used to play very competitively. Pretty much gave me my first taste of actual competitive play. Had I known there would have been a competitive scene for it, I would have been all up in there.

Also, to people who say THQ dropped the ball on later games, THQ doesn’t really have anything to do with the development of those games or the current WWE games. They’re just a publisher. Syn Sophia [ or Aki Corporation as they were known back in the day] developed the N64 wrestling games like WCW Vs NWO World Tour, WCW/NWO Revenge, Wrestlemania 2k, and WWF No Mercy. They later went on to do the Def Jam games [Vendetta, Fight for NY, and that PSP game]. Yukes is the one developing the current WWE games. Or should I say were given how THQ just filed for bankruptcy not too long ago.

seeing WWE wrestlefest get released, I was actually hoping this game would get rereleased. But I was pretty sure it would get the usual treatment [injecting the current whack ass “PG era” “superstars” into the game, censoring unneccesary stuff, cutting out wrestlers, etc]. Not sure if I wanna see that. Though it would be nice to have the game in some shape.

-back on topic-

Which of the “Bigs” is the best. I thought guys like Andre The Giant had the potential to be broken


I used to code hack these games with game shark. There was a pretty cool community back then, the collective knowledge of which could answer any technical question you could conceive of.

I never played it competitively though because I hated how the end result looked nothing like a wrestling match.


X-Pac is literally the only character that makes it possible to beat someone with better fundamentals than yourself. Although it’s surprising you beat an Undertaker, because he’s got waaay better Irish Whip combos than X-Pac, and his big boot has weird properties. Normally, when a player spams submissions, they build meter slowly because they’re using the same move. When someone does an Irish whip combo on them, they lose most of their attitude, and the player who used variety has a big lead on meter. Submission spam makes it hard to comeback from behind, unless it’s X-Pac who can build meter easier. Although he’s not without his weaknesses. As you mentioned he has poor strong strikes, and he has a problem against characters with really good Irish whip combos.

Top 3…hmm. I’d put HBK over both Austin and Andre. Mick Foley/Mankind over Andre.

I always thought using the Irish whip combos made the matches look a lot more like an actual wrestling match.

Stats aren’t as important as the moves themselves. Benoit has pretty good high flying moves and grapples, but his basic strikes are about average, which puts him at a disadvantage against someone like Jericho or Bradshaw who have really good strikes.


Honestly, if I remember correctly Bradshaw has pretty shitty stamina. I am not sure how much of a advantage his strikes would put him at over someone like Benoit.

Any videos of high level play for this game?


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Honestly, if I remember correctly Bradshaw has pretty shitty stamina. I am not sure how much of a advantage his strikes would put him at over someone like Benoit.<br>
Any videos of high level play for this game?</div>

Move Synergy >>> Parameters<br><br>Benoit’s synergy is bad.  His strong grabs and specials target the head, but his weak grabs target the body and arms.  That means all the damage Benoit does early match, goes to waste when he gets to special.  If Benoit Pins his opponent, then it’s fine. The problem is his slow strikes are easy to reverse and hard to combo with, making it hard to pressure people when he’s on special.  Having high parameters and powerful grabs doesn’t help when you can’t use them.  <br><br>The Bradshaw hammer is one of the best strikes in the game.  It’s very fast, and combos absurdly well.  Despite not being a submission character, Bradshaw has all the tools he needs to get a body submission , since he has weak grabs and strong grabs that target the body.  He can also target the head, and possibly K.O. when he’s on special.  Even though his specials aren’t as strong as Benoit, the fact that his weak grapples help set them up makes them more effective.<br><br>Overall Bradshaw > Benoit.<br><br>As for high level play, I haven’t seen any on youtube.  Most people are just fooling around.  I don’t really see anyone taking advantage of the mechanics of the game much, because it’s so easy to enjoy on a rudimentary level.<br>




I have a few questions. First, what exactly are Irish Whip combos? I probably know the answer to that but I’ll ask anyway. Secondly, what went into making this list? I’m intrigued by some of your choices. Lastly, what is this No Mercy “competitive scene”? I seriously would want to go to one of those things with my Chris Jericho.


dat high lv stl vpw2 matches.


Used to love these games. There are tier lists for No Mercy, lol?


Still a better wrestling show than RAW

  1. When you Irish Whip an opponent into the turnbuckle or onto the ropes and then hit them with a strike or grab.
  2. Based on experience and countless hours of gameplay with about 10 of my friends. We played it faithfully throughout the Attitude Era. Strikes and throws tend to have their own unique properties, and there is some seriously unbalanced stuff in this game. Though submissions are hard to abuse in multiplayer.
  3. Not much of a scene that I know of, though, some guys were talking about bringing an N64 to a Final Round.


Interesting tier list. I know this is a super old post but can someone explain how to do a sleeper from a weak grab with Steve austin, kurt angle, and the others listed because they don’t have standing sleeping as their grapples. Only chyna and tori do. A bar in chicago is doing a no mercy tournament and I liked these tips but they don’t make sense to me


Can we open this thread back up for discussion? I’m in the process of working on Frame Data for this game, I will also provide this site with general tech and strats for the game to level everyone up. Glad to see there is a community for this game and I appreciate the help if anyone else is willing to work on the Frame Data with me.


So hey guys iam new here so help me out here so iam playing this game on a emulator for android how do i taunt i can’t find a good controller from were i am so pls help


I still have all these N64 wrestling games, in fact I have two copies of No Mercy.

Still got my CAW’s too. I had created a CAW specifically designed for the Royal Rumble, his entire moveset was based around being the most efficient at eliminating opponents over the top rope.

His name…The Royal Rumbler, he gonna getcha! He looked like Steve Blackman with denim pants and Stone Colds vest.