WWF Wrestle Mania The Arcade Game And WWF In Your House

Did anyone else here like these 2 games? I liked them mostly for the combos. The combos were great and you could do up to at least a 25-hit with certain characters. Anyone else had interest and liked the 2 games?

yeah i liked it when the wrestlers smelled each other’s feet :xeye:

Haha, I played Wrestlemania the Arcade Game back in the day. I was always Undertaker because I liked him, I knew his combos, and he had a finishing move. Did anyone else have a finishing move in that game? I think his is the only one I ever saw.

Wow… can anyone be any lamer? A World Heroes fan and a wrestling fan. Fuck, and talking about a wrestling game makes it even worse! What a clown.

lol, I remember those games, wrestemania arcade was an ok game, shawn micheals was pretty good, but wwf in your house, ugh, that game was trash, what a waste…

No lamer then being a stupid snk fanboi

Wrestlmania the arcade game, the last 2D wrestling game. ::thumbsup::

I prefer the AKI games and the WWF games before the MK ripoffs (like this Genesis WWF game which name I have forgotten) myself. I couldn’t really get into those games because they just looked and felt weird to me being a hardcore fan back in the day when it was good.

In Your House was the truth. Owen Hart machine gun was too much.

Never played WWF: In Your House, but Wrestlemania Arcade was the shit. Not a wrestling fan, but the gameplay was top notch with the hilarious commentary.

Razor Ramon owns in that game. :tup:

None of you are ready for 8-10 man Wrestlemania Arcade tournaments back in the day!
No big pots but it was for kicks mainly! Its a pretty fun game!
Yokozuna took everyones money!! :clap:

Oh yeah and In your house was horrible! I really liked Wrestlemania and In your house was a dissapointment!
Everyone had they’re own stage for crist sakes!

WM The arcade game was hot. Undertaker and Shawn Micheals were too much.

Wrestlefest was top tier.

Sup Brandon!
Undertaker was good! Dunno about Michaels though!
But I dont think you understand. Its all about Yoko!

Salt, SP+SK (Grab), toss them out, taunt (x’2 damage), hold block near the ropes, when the come in, back, back WP, pick them up, grab throw them out again, they come back in back, back WP.

Tourny play man tourny!
It was that serious back in the day for me!

Nothing will ever beat WWF No Mercy. That series of games (developed by AKI?) had the best wrestling game engine ever IMO. My friends and I would spend hours creating our characters and trying to steal each other’s titles.

WM was all about Razor Ramon, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels. The end.

Played Both those games, and WWF Royal Rumble, didn’t seriously get into Wrestling games till WWF RAW and WWF Attitude though. Attitude was the best for awhile, and then the Smackdown series started, Smackdown 1 was OK, Attitude was still better, but Smackdown 2 just had THE best career mode ever.

You could get your friends together, make a stable of wrestlers you made up, and then play single, tag team or whatever matches for title belts, the career mode never ended, you could play year after year after year.

Me and my friend played on very hard in career mode for days at a time. Smackdown 2, NBA Hangtime and Alpha 3 are probably 3 of my most played games, several hundred hours each I’m sure, at the least. And I still play Alpha 3 from time to time.

holy crap, i knew this guy was top tier. what is back back wp though? i forgot this move.

Oh its a fallaway choke slam, although for a while I though it was a belly to belly suplex! It puts them in a recovery state which is why you can pick them up and command bench press.

Undertaker is tops too! He actually is the only one who can stop the Yokozuna trap. When he’s on the outside at a certain angle you can throw the multiple black bats and they’ll they’ll glitch in the ring by which he can come in while the bats are still going. That gets him in safe.

Hardcore Fool!!! :karate:

Wasn’t there a more recent 4 player WWE Royal rumble arcade game with Kurt Angle, The Rock, matt hardy, stone cold, etc???

I played that game. Kurt angle was top tier.