WWIII comic

Hey everyone I’m making a comic with a friend. I have the basics for the story written down. I need help with a few things though. I need some names for the characters. Heres the simple plot outline:


The story is about Jason, a scientist in the year 2145, during the downfall of America. During this time, there is a new president named Philbert Quinlan. Passed in the year 2057, the 28th amendment allows for the violation of the constitution which allows persons under the age 30 to come into power. For 3 terms, no one who was under the age 30 until now. President Quinlan has been very conservative toward the countries resources, bringing in more supply than the country could afford. Defacit for the United states has escalated into the hundred trillions, and it seems no one will be able to bring the States to break even. Nuclear war with Korea broken out in 2012 has derived many families of their homes, as well as the defrostation of Antarctica. 85% of the Earth's land is now under ocean, forcing the many cities to become one in formations known as city zones. City zones are tall metallic structures that contain everything a city as large as New York could contain. At the base, there is a structure used for recycling, garbage management, electric facilities, waste management, water filters, pretty much everything you would find supplying the basic needs of a city you live in. Next would come the tiers of artificial season. This area is a large dome like area consisting of four quadrents, each simulating a season with the newest hologram techniqe. One part has snow and winter, another heat and summer, as well as fall and spring. Temperatures and realistic weather are generated each day, and people are advised to go here to seek outdoorsiness, rather than go to the real area and risk radiation from nuclear fallout of days long passed. After that, there is the residential and commercial sections, in a tube like formation with houses on and around the edges in toward the center, which consists of the business like area that you would recongnize as downtown or a mall. On the outside there are multiple docks used for person air carriers (PAC's) to get from City Zone (CZ) to CZ. Above the residential complex is the professional section, a smaller area where you would find schools and office complex's and whatnot. Above this is the Civil Order of Protection Squad (COPS) head quarters. Above this would be solar panels and communications sattelite recievers.
The United States has been in one war since the days you are reading in now. This is the Korean war, which erupted in 2012. Nuclear fallout has evacuated everyone into these towers which are scattered throughout the remaining lands of the world. Select CZ towers are used for military operations only. They are armed with tactile nuclear warheads, Ion cannons, and Ion bombs. Ion warfare has become the new mode of combat, with plasma as the secondary source of battle. Plasma weapons include the MK7 Plasma Pistol, and the MK8 Plasma SMG. These are found on COPS and can be used anywhere from blasting a man's head to oblivion or heating up your breakfast. There are dials on all weapons that tell and let you change how powerfull they are. Small canisters containing plasma are used as ammunition, and are carried by all armed personell. 
As I said earlier, the United States is gathering supplies and losing money. Unknown to the people of the country, the President is planning on breaking the United States from the UN, and becoming a dominant power once again. President Quinlan is planning on taking it to the next step though, dominating other countries and enlarging the size of the USA. With no deficit, the army can afford many more soldiers and can pay build many more weapons with the gathered supplies. 
Our protagonist is a scientist named Jason. To be more exact, he is a weapons scientist that is currently working on a super soldier serum to power our army. The plan is scrapped because of the new recruitment of soldiers, increasing manpower and decreasing costs that would be used if the volunteer army were fed the serum. Jason is predicting the onslaught that our country is planning, and does not like it. He thinks a lot about this, but is shrouded in anger and confusion over the loss of his girlfriend who left him without reason. Now that the stage is set, our story is ready to begin.

Page 1

This page will be the epilogue of the story, working as an intro

Panel 1: (soldiers running up the beach on d-day) The last great war.

Panel 2: (commanding officer guiding men) The united states was a great and almighty allied power

Panel 3: (Hitler and burning nazi flag) Battling the onslaught of opposing axis powers

Panel 4: (nuclear bomb) And defeating opposition of those whom denied freedom to others

Panel 5: (American Flag flapping in wind) Until now…

Page 2

Panel 1: (Television news anchor and co host) Operation Expansion is said to be declared by President Quinlan this afternoon

Panel 2: (same as panel 1) This will be an attempt to buy out powers of our fellow countries to the north and south, expanding the size and power of the united states

Panel 3:(news camera at press conference) President Quinlan: The United States of America does not get the recongnition it deserves. Funds gathered from out great income now increased greatly from our severed connection with the UN has given us power to buy out the lands of Mexico and Canada, who suffer from lack of City Zones and recourses

Panel 4: (another angel of president Quinlan) With the expansion of our land comes the expansion of power, increasing our army forces and power to stop opposition of our former allies.

Panel 5: (Jason pressing the power button on his remote) Damn it…

Panel 6: (Jason puts on jacket and exits door toward hallway leading to PAC docks)

Uhh…I’m at school now, so I can’t show you what the characters look like. When I get home (in a few hours) I’ll have the main character sketched out. I need help coming up with a good name for him. Jason is generic and crappy. Also, Japan will have robots for an army. If anyone knows the japanese word for robot or machine please tell me. Thnx

the main character

Ok here’s the link to the main character. Sorry, it’s been more then a couple hours lol


None of you are going to help me?

Make Japan have Gundams lol. They’ll most likely have them anyway in the future lol. For Jason, where did the part about his girlfriend come from? I think you should include that part later on in the story and act as if that part didn’t exist yet. Put it in the story as a flashback or something.

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Yeah, the gundam thing might be cool, but I was thinking more along the lines of a robotic army. They look pretty cool, I’ll get them in here pretty soon. As for Jason, that name was makeshift. I need a real main character name. Can you help me come up with one?

The Gundam thing was just a joke lol. As for the name, Jason does sound kind of boring. Maybe you should put a doctor in front of his name? Dr.Azen maybe? That’s like the most random name I could come up with haha.