WWL Season 2... Back and better than ever Baby!


So you know when life gets in the way and you have a plan but then your dean tells you you need to write grant proposals for research? No? It’s not fun and needless to say between that, grading papers, and being a dad, my time was sadly short.

BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER MY FRIENDS! Grant writing is over! Which means… the WWL is back baby! For real this time! We’re going to host a kick off tournament Friday March 26, and we’ll start pool play the week after.

The website is under construction, once again, for real this time, and the template is finished. I’m working with Remixed (GeneiJin87) to get the final pieces in place so that if I bust my butt, we can get the website up and running late this week, early next week.

The rules will be the same as last year, as will be scoring.

Also, as an added bonus, if you were a Season 1 participant, and you’re going to be a season 2 participant and going to MWC (for HDR obviously), let me know. I’m trying to put something together for those people.

Alright, March 26, first tournament, will count for DOUBLE league points. That’s right! Jumpstart your place in the standings! Make sure you are there March 26 to get your piece of the action! Let’s get the gravy train started again people!

P.S. Matches will start at 9:00 EST (6:00 PST). I really REALLY want to be on schedule this season… no reason people should be going to bed at 1:30… unless your playing some mad casuals afterwards… which is just fine. But if your like Damdai complaining about needing to get to bed… lets try to help him out.

P.P.S. Damdai… You are the defending champion… so in honor of you and for every scrubby Ken everywhere… this is for you… [media=youtube]6uZWArSOmCc[/media]

I am so in. Excited for this.

Ooh, this could be fun.

Also definitely good for Season 2.

Nice stuff. I’m in.

I’m in.

sounds fun. didnt get to compete in the first one…

put me in for sure!

Publish or perish!!! :chat:

Since its on a friday and that means no work for the next 2 days, sign me up if thats ok. Thank you Silver.

This is no joke… I’m 25, I have a Ph.D. I spent 18 months of my life writing a 400 page dissertation… and now they want me to have two major papers published in the next 24 months… when I’m on a non-tenure track position… for a school that only hired me because I know a fat cat alumnus… No, HDR is much more important than that crap :smile:

BTW, are you going to play or what? I see you posting all the time but I’ve never seen you on.

I leveled up my game from the last WWL…Will definitely do it again! So are you & Geneijin87 combining powers to make an ultimate League?

Well the WWL is already the ultimate league… more so he’s helping me make it the most ultimatest… (also known as website’ness’) And yes, he is very helpful and deserves a hearty thank you from many people.

Since it’s on Friday, I can do that. Sign me up.

Now I just have to start practicing again…I’ve gotten sloppy.

oh snap. didnt notice this was kicking off on a friday.

are all the pools and tourneys gonna be fridays?
i always work mon-fri till 8 PST.

No, not everything will be on Fridays. Special events will be on Fridays. I will be finalizing the weekly pool schedule probably next week and focusing on the tourney after that.

Don’t forget to go www.worldwarriorsleague.com, fill out your registration info, then select our tournament event from our calendar and just put your XBL gamertag in there and you’ll be registered.

Hey Silver, I signed up.

What is this?

What is the WWL? The WWL is a Super Street Fighter Two Turbo High Definition Remix Online Gaming League for XBOX Live where…

Okay, seriously, its a league of HDR players who get together, play against each other in pool play, and then qualify for tournaments, we record matches, we get in really good games, we have fun, we talk some trash, but its mostly pretty genial… except when we’re all cheering against Damdai… or Zass is screaming about a Jiggly 720 FTW… It’s what nerdy white guys like him and I do… oh and we usually have some crazy good casuals afterwards for those who stay up.

That’s what she said. Hello!

Okay, so everybody knows, the website is back!

It’s still under construction, but it is up. You can register there, then sign up for events through our calendar. PLEASE REGISTER FIRST THEN SIGN UP FOR EVENTS. This is most appreciated. So Madking, GoldenArch, Thelo, Mars, head over there and fill that stuff out if you haven’t already.

I’m also excited to announce that we’ll be using Tonamento to keep track of all of our tournament happenings. I don’t think it really works so well for pool play, I have to ask Damdai about that. But since Damdai is a league vet, and all around smart guy, I figured the least I could do is use his very well designed product since he was so nice as to give me his permission.

So, March 26, sign up today! Let’s get this party rollin’!, Or headbuttin’, or drillin’ or fireballin’ or knee bashin’ or whatever other scrubby tactic you kids are using nowadays ;).

Signed up, but my roster page didn’t show up, I guess it’s filled in manually.