Www.aracdespareparts.com is great


For anyone who live in ASIA or EUROPE, I suggest to buy the Sanwa buttons or stick from this site.


The site is trustable and has the very good customer service.

The goods is ship to me within 1 day via fedex. The shipping cost is 12 usd.

All parts are mint and new. The price of parts is cheap. (Stick 20 usd, button 2 usd each).

The stick shipped with the ball top while many site not ship the ball top with Sanwa stick.

Recommend :slight_smile:


i smell trouble.


lizardlick.com = win
win = cheap price and moniez


I don’t think this will be trouble.

No reason to buy from USA shop for ASIA / EUROPE people. The shipping cost from HK to EUROPE is cheaper than USA to EUROPE.

This is the choice.

I found one thread that people ask for arcadesparepart.com and someone told that this shop cannot trust. That’s not fair.

I don’t know before about 2.5 USD is cheaper than 2.0 USD :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a certain shop based in the same country where the Sanwa/Seimitsu arcade parts are made. I think I’ll get parts from there…more selections too.

There are also online stores based in Europe.

The good thing about this site is it sells a great amount of arcade parts, not just for joystick enthusiasts.


In general, SRK doesn’t take kindly to being lied to, unless you’ve placed well in tournaments before (fucking duc).
Your post implies that you are just a customer, who wants to spread the word. I do not believe you. I believe you are associated with that company and are attempting to help business by spreading the word. Frankly, that would be fine. You would have to follow SRK’s six month rule, but after that, no problem. Sell away.

But implying you aren’t associated with them is a deception. We don’t tolerate that well. Chad at LizardLick, Nareg at GamingNow, Per at AkihabaraShop, they have all been completely upfront with us, and have been providing services with honesty. We continue to use their services because of that history, not only of good business but generally supporting the community. If you want to join their ranks, then be upfront. Mention your connection to the company, put their URL in your signature, put their logo in your avatar picture, and be truthful. Contact MrWizard about purchasing advertising on the site. Talk to a mod about your situation and be clear that’d you’d like an exception to the six month rule to make a Trading Outlet post if possible so you can represent your company.

Being upfront and honest would go a long way towards winning our trust. We do not reject you because you are trying to do business; we’re resisting because we believe you are trying to deceive us.


If you are the kind of person Toodles is talking about, then you are not cool.
We had people like that before.

Person makes a Thread and asks if anyone order before.
Person then says they will take a chance and make order.
Person then says that the Webstore is cool, and shows the shipped item.

Person then gets banned for shill marketing.


i do love a good shill thread :cool:


I am not the guy that you talk to. I am just a customer and need to share about this shop is good and trust. I can take the photo about the recent items I purchased from and invoice including the order record which show I just order parts from this site only 1st time.

See the my TE showcase thread, I just modofied my TE with the purple stick and grey buttons.

Many people have a question about this site is good or not but people who not have been purchase from this site say not is “RIGHT” and me, who purchased from this site and say “YES” is wrong? That’s funny thing.


Hello Everyone,

I am one of the shareholders in Arcadespareparts.com and Director of Highway Group. I have just received this link from one of our customers and need to reply to this post. Our company has a strict policy NOT to do leader/bait/troll advertising, whether in forums, print or internet advertising.

We are a respected distributor/manufacturer, and currently provide products to a number of leading operators and resellers around the world. We also buy directly from all leading manufacturers and have our own molding for spare parts manufacturing in Asia. So there is no need for us to handle deception advertising.

I fell sorry for Mennie to be hammered by a few of you guys. I do not know who this customer is, but its definitely not one of our staff. Its very nice of him to give good comments and its sad that Toodles gave him a spray and called him a liar - if you still believe this is us, call and talk with Jeremy our manager in Hong Kong or contact our head office and ask to speak with me directly. Its easy for people to destroy reputations that companies take years to build up and I do not want you to start some rumours that we are bad people. I am all for getting evidence and exposing shonky people but make sure you have some evidence or research first.

I thank everyone for their support.


LOL scam


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HMM. I love how the syntax and grammar of their posts are essentially the same. Plus the wonderful timing of the second post. I’m calling for facial pics with timestamp. Then I’ll buy the story. 'Course I could be totally an idiot and completely off the mark. It’s 1:20 AM and I’m fried. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m gonna GTFO this thread before I get myself infracted.


Like i said Before (i smell trouble). When i first saw OP thread and all the details about the company and how wonderful their were. It was bad start from the moment the thread was posted.


Fail thread is failing.

Here’s the flaws I see insofar

  1. OP is bragging about shipping from Hong Kong to Europe with this company, yet his syntax is that of an Asian non-native English speaker, not a European non-native English speaker.

  2. OP is bragging about shipping from Hong Kong to Europe, and references the shipping price in US Dollar and not Pounds/Euro.

  3. OP defends position, then almost immediately a Stockholder from this company shows up.

  4. Stockholder has an Eastern European name, yet this company is based in Hong Kong.

  5. Stockholder shares remarkably similar English syntax with the OP.

  6. Despite both accounts using Asian English syntax, both have knowledge of British colloquialisms, which would point to both being born and raised in Hong Kong.

I sense the Hammer of Banishment (+40 Strength, automatically inflicts Death on bots and shills) being equipped soon.


Namco know about this?

But I guess its better than what Google saw:

Steve, thanks for writing back, and for singling me out. I took the time to explain to the original poster what others were suspecting, and made our viewpoint very clear without being insulting to anyone, either him or his/your/the company.

**I am all for getting evidence and exposing shonky people but make sure you have some evidence or research first. **
This is the part that makes me scratch my head. For a native English speaker, that message message at the very top SCREAMS ‘v1@gra, cI@li$, drugs from Canada!’ If you seriously feel that the original post should not arouse suspicion, then, well, I’m out.


My favorite is when people use google-fu to link the persons screen name to the website

Always gets a laugh from me


owned pics x 1000000.


I’m from Australia and I’ve ordered from these guys and their parent company before - they’re legit, and sell JLFs with harnesses and buttons at pretty good prices. I think they seem to ship from Hong Kong now but previously they shipped from some part of Australia (QLD perhaps?), and I used them to get replacement parts for my SE stick and stick I built for a friend.

The only problem is the relatively small range of products to choose from, but it’s still good if they have what you’re looking for. There’s also a minimum shipping amount, so you generally need to buy a few things to avoid larger shipping fees.

I’m not sure why there’s so much skepticism in this thread though, I can certainly vouch for the fact that they’re not scamming or anything, you can definitely get your money’s worth if you live in Australia and are just after some Sanwa parts; their prices are very good compared to other Aussie vendors.


The Problem isnt about the company been legit or not. Main issue is the OP not been truthful to us. The way he posted sounds like he works for the company. Srk had many problems like this last year and before too. All we ask is OP come forward and tells the truth about his involvement and follow the rules of SRK site.