From the DVD thread…


I see inkblot has mastered the use of the custom shapes tool in Photoshop.

What the eff?

Well, there’s a few ways to look at this.

1: A hint at the location for EVO next year, by using that image as an overlay to a US map, or a location between Las Vegas, NV and Pomona, CA… This theory is pretty weak, IMO. Both locations make no sense. The “biggest” dot theory is that it will be the location of EVO. That leads you to some city named Wrightwood, CA. If you use the big dot to equal Las Vegas, and the left small dot to equal Pomona, CA… you get New York. Now, it begins to make sense… but why the larger dot at Las Vegas? To represent growth? Why not have the new location be larger, and farther away? This is just fumbling for abstracts that this point.

2: EVO becomes 3 tournaments; 2 qualifiers, and a major in Las Vegas. This would make more sense, because the smaller dots are completely apart from one another, representing distance between the middle location, which is larger. I remember Inkblot saying 'big big things, people" regarding EVO this year… it would make sense, to say the least. But I don’t think it would be something so simple? I still highly suspect that this graphic as no literal meaning to what I"m finding in it, but rather…

3: It’s just a future holder for a flash graphic, where it will have information related to EVO.
This is much more likely.

Personally, I would love to have figured out some little puzzle dealy that inkblot whipped up, but I HIGHLY doubt it.

edit: Here’s a graphic to represent how I looked at this. lol if I’m looking into this too deeply.


wow, good job

If you look at the position of the circles as compared to the standard arcade cabinet layout, the large circle is in the position of a joystick, with the small circles in the positions of defensive crouch and fierce. Coincidence?

get a life kugler.





kugler’s original theory was cooler. that was some LOST type shit going on there hahahah

damn i got it now. in a corporate takeover, Ponder and inkblot are eliminating the soul of the combomaking community, Majestros, and using his existing site http://www.lowfierce.com for evil!

either that or omni’s blog… http://lowfierce.blogspot.com . God of War 2 at evo!

dope theory Kugler

Bump? I’m curious what other people think? And I’d like some more hints or little puzzles to play for EVO.

April 3rd last year was when the EVO2005 trailer was released, will we be seeing a delayed trailer? Infact, I wonder if we’ll see the DVD trailer + EVO2006 trailer around the same time?

I think it’s in NYC. Ima have to save a little bit more for the trip. hey paul

Ive figured it out.

In a style following SBO. All SF games other then CvS2 will be removed from competitive play and we will only be able to use r4 Sagat.

I don’t think it will be in NYC. AT least I hope not…already have ECC. That would be kind of dumb to have a “surprise” evo on another coast when people already paid for ECC. Thats like another 500 bones…that I won’t be spending. Good games

I still like my low fierce theory. Imagine it: a side tourney on Classic where all the buttons are disconnected except fierce. I call Guile. $15 to enter, round robin, winner take all. Big things people, big things…

It’s probably just a totally unrelated photoshop image, drawn up in three minutes, to make you fucking nerds cream in your pants.

If the freaking EVO 2k5 DVDs can’t even get released, what makes you think that EVO 2k6 is being planned?

Damm, i should have never said that, first the 9/11 conspiracy now this? Seriously i should have never said that or delete the comment right away. See probably I’m going to get banned for that shit!!!