Nov 9, 09: NEW** those who have an old stick with a system they do not use, hit me up!!! i can gut the pcb and change it to 360 or ps3 pm me! :slight_smile:

Nov 5, 09: I will also start modding service for those who want a dual mod, but my stick will take priority, so please understand, and also when you pm, please tell me what you want me to do, what stick you got, ur postal code/zip code if not local, updated the buttons/balltop colors

Hey guys,

  • All prices are set and in USD
  • Local Pickup are fine with me, I am located in Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • Turnaround time is 5-7 days from the date of initial payment to the date of delivery.
  • All orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days of received full payment.
  • Shipping: $20 USD for Expedited Parcel - USA 7 business days or $30 USD for Xpresspost - USA 3 to 4 business days, comes with $100 insurance.

*UPDATE: Thank you everyone for participating in the poll. It was extremely useful. I have made proper adjustment using the results.

  1. 8 buttons is now available.
  2. Price dropped to $150 USD. You cannot even get some cases for this price!

Made to Order Complete Custom Sticks:
I do fully custom sticks, the case is made from sheet metal that works with any Japanese parts, it’s very sturdy, durable, works very nice with paint and don’t have problems of wood such as paint gaps, or mounting problems due to its thickness. It is much stronger than plastic shells and yet less heavy than wood boxes.

All fight sticks will come with a Lexan top to protect your artwork, and I will also print your artwork as well because it is a custom stick afterall. The dimension of the artwork is letter size (8.5 inch by 11) and it weighs 2.1kg. If you are someone who has no photoshoping skill, just tell me a character and I can find someone to design it for you at a small cost. It doesn’t just have to be for SFIV!

**My sticks will only use authentic japanese parts! I refuse to settle with anything less than top quality parts when used for game play. All of these will come at a low cost of 149.99 USD + shipping. ** That is amazing consider just the parts itself cost already cost well over 100 bucks. The Sanwa JLF joystick (25 USD), 8 Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons (24USD), MC Cthulhu (45USD), 3m USB cable (10USD) that’s already 114 USD before even pucharsing a box, paintjob of your choice of color, wires, quick disconnects, nuts/bolts, wiring, and shipping! Do the math yourself at any parts store and tell me my price is not amazing!

You can choose from
PCB (the board): MC Cthulhu (PS3/PC) wired or Xbox360 with padhack (+10)
**Box: **Painted to your choice
Layout: Anything you want.
Joystick: Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT or Seimitsu LS32-02 (02 uses a flat mounting plate and common ground)
**Balltop: **: Black, White, Blue, Green, Pink, Blue Bubbletop, Orange bubbletop, Pink bubbletop
**30mm Buttons: **Sanwa: Green, Blue, Pink, White, Darkhai, Yellow, Orange, Red or Seimitsu: Pure black, or Black rim with white plunger
24mm Buttons: Black or White Madcatz or White Sanwa(+$1.50 per button) (see FAQ for more info)
**Artwork: **I will print your artwork as well, or you can tell me your character and color background and I will get someone to design it n print it for you for 10 bucks. For those SFIV fans, I have commisioned a guy on here to create some artwork, so you can pick any of these as your artwork for those who has no photoshop skills like me lol

Special Request
Add a layer of clearcoat on top: +$15
Lexan bottom + paint inside: +$10
Dual mod: +$100 (note: 40 bucks goes to parts, dptp, inverter chip, resisters, pad)
Use automotive paint and automotive clearcoat: +$35

PAYMENT: I will only receive payment from verified users. Non-verified users would have to accept a slightly higher shipping (signature confirmation) to prevent any chargebacks. I take a 40% initial down payment and will take 5-7 days to complete the stick. Note: 3 days is for the paint to dry so I can work with it without worries. Once completed, pictures will be taken and sent to your email address. If it is to your likings, send me the rest of the payment and I will ship the stick within 1 to 2 business days.


Shipping Fee:
$20 USD for Expedited Parcel? - USA 7 business days or $30 USD for Xpresspost? - USA 3 to 4 business days

Undrilled DIY boxes - $19.99
These have no holes in them, what you do is you go to Ace near you and pick up a 24mm and 30mm for like 15 bucks and you are good to go! You can then start making boxes for people as well with the hole saw! This way you can make your own layout of buttons and are not limited. Really good deal if you are a builder or on a low budget. Just the Lexan itself cost 8 bucks USD.

What you will get:
Top Main Piece bended U shaped with a lip
2 Pine wood side pieces routed (you can either prime + paint, or you can stain whichever works for you)
Bottom sheet metal piece
Lexan Piece with protective covering
4 Rubber Feet
8 Screws (4 for top, 4 for bottom)

  • These boxes will require sanding priming and painting, there might be some little imperfection here and there due to the nature of wood. Even IF there are it will definitely nothing major, or else I will not ship it. If you don’t trust me then don’t buy it. At this price you will not find anything close to a box this nice. Also, if its really that unacceptable to your eyes and not mine, wood can be repaired with wood putty and just lightly sand it down n its ready to paint.

change the side pieces from full wood to wood glued to metal - add 5 bucks for each side
change the bottom sheet metal piece to Lexan - add 5 bucks

Also consider the total custom package below, total will run you just 75 USD + shipping and a PCB and you will have urself a custom arcade stick for your own!

How it will look like if you don’t paint the sides
ignore the artwork lifted up didn’t put a lexan on it yet and the horibly cut artwork lol

Drilled + Unpainted box w/ wood sides: $55
Drilled + Unpainted box w/ metal sides: $65
Drilled + Painted to your choice of color w/ wood sides- $85
Drilled + Painted to your choice of color w/ metal sides- $95

Few past samples:
Metallic Silver

Special order color: $110, used auto paint

Thanks for my buddy Derek for taking these awesome picture.


  • All of these are BRAND NEW GUARANTEED
  • All products are as described
  • Shipping fee: $10 USD

Total Custom Package Deal:
Take a look at this picture for reference of color.

1 x Sanwa Green/Pink JLF-TP-8YT, includes mounting plate - *24.95 *
1 x Sanwa Wiring Harness - 4.95
2 x Nuts + bolt for the JLF joystick - 1.00
8 x Sanwa Green/Pink OBSF Pushbuttons - 23.60 (2.95x8)
5 meters long 22 gauge wire - 3.00
3 x Madcatz SE white/black 24mm pushbuttons - 4.50 (1.5 x 3)
30 x quick disconnects - 3.00 (30x0.1)

Retail Price: $65.00 + shipping
My Price: $55 + shipping.
You save 10 bucks


  • NewChange from sanwa green/pink to Sanwa Blue, Seimitsu Black or Seimitsu Black rim with white Plunger along with the same color balltop for 5 bucks more! Add just 2 buck more for Seimitsu blue bubbletop!
  • Add a PCB to the package:
  1. MC Cthulhu board*: +$35
    *The MC version have diodes for protection against any power fluctuation, upgradable firmware + multiconsole support
  2. Xbox360 Controller (unsoldered): +25
    • add 25 for disassembling + soldering with quick disconnects

Thanks guys.

Payment Option:

I accept payment from verified Paypal users or cash if you are local.
Paypal account: jcskwc@hotmail.com

Please send me a PM pre and post payment

Please specify when sending payment:
Your userid name on here
What you want,
Your shipping address, if different from your paypal account.

Thanks guys.

Shipping and Pickup:

  1. What courier do you use?
    I use Canada Post which is cheap, fast, and reliable. The quoted shipping price will include the appropriate insurance, as well as delivery confirmation or signature option. Signature option is required for non verified members.

  2. Where do I check the status of my shipment?
    You can go to canadapost.ca or once it crosses the border, you can use usps.com to check where your products is at with the tracking number provided.

  3. Do you ship outside US and Canada?
    Yes, but it depends on your location, whether you are paypal verified with confirm address, and if you are willing to pay a higher shipping fee. PM me for details.

  4. Is local pickup possible?
    For local people, I am available after 7 30 on weekdays, after 6 on sat, anytime on sun to meet up, you can pm me and I will get back to you. Pickup in Markham, Markville Mall or Pacific Mall. PM me for more detail.

Return Policy
I will not do exchange or returns once it has been shipped. If you change your mind before I ship it out, I will issue you full refund no questions asked. However, after it has arrived to your place, I am sorry but it is hard for me to know what happens to the package. Please understand in my position as well. The box will be packaged very nicely to make sure it does not move around during shipping. But crap happens and I understand, so within 24 hours of arrival of the delivery confirmation time, if it is broken or damaged, please send pictures along with your user name and information with detailed description and we will approach it from there.


  1. Why Madcatz 24mm?
    I am selling the 3 Madcatz brand new pushbuttons because they are decent enough for buttons that are RARELY pressed. There are two kinds of buttons Madcatz uses, one that last very short and another one with the longevity very close to Sanwa, used in SE, which is the ones I am selling) Anyway, I firmly believe for these buttons are sufficient enough since they are pressed maybe few times a day, so it is stupid to pay double the price for them. Every few dollar counts and I am just trying to save you guys some money. This is just my opinion from building, no hard feelings, hope I didn’t offend any one.

  2. Why am I paying a $30 premium to get this painted when I can get a spray can for 15 bucks for primer and paint at my local hardware store?
    This is because it takes a long time to sand, primer, and paint. For those who do not want it painted, I am totally cool with that, less work for me, less money to spend for you. It takes very long to sand, primer, dry, paint dry paint dry paint dry. Honestly I prefer just selling the box, but none the less, just remember, in the long run, you are much better of putting primer on it before you paint. Do it right the first time. If not you will end up looking like this, and at that time when you want to repaint it, you have to sand everything down so it’s not layered and repaint.

  3. What is a MC Cthulhu? How is it different from a Cthulhu?
    A Cthulhu is a PS3/PC board produced by a member here called Toodles. Great guy, and great support. The MC Cthulhu board is basically a Cthulhu board with a chip that has upgrdable firmware, multiconsole (MC) support that can let you plug into PS1,PS2,Xbox,Gamecube if you have the appropriate cable. It also comes equipped with diodes that has protection against any power fluctuation or power surge. I only carry the MC Cthulhu, which cost a little more but I think it is definitely worth it especially if I am a seller. Last thing I want is a defective stick with a fried PS3 and I get the blame for it.

Dude, these are amazing. Didn’t you have a shop around here? Did it close down? Do you still take custom requests?

Sorry for the late requests, I just got back from a trip.

I deleted my post so its not in the middle of your info.
Nice cases man, ill have to pick one up in the future when im not so broke. lol

kte03- yes i am taking custom orders, yeah i did have a store here before but all the orders have been fulfilled in the other thread plus i got new parts and started making complete sticks and stuff so I combined the thread. This will be the final one. I hope I don’t get a warning for this :frowning:

AJtheMishima - that’s amazing thanks a lot for doing that, appreciate it.

Just thought I’d give Eric some props - he’s a great guy to deal with, awesome communication and really dedicated to customer satisfaction - he hooked me up with my order a few weeks ago, everything was shipped quick and safely. Any potential buyers won’t be disappointed - these cases look nice and at that price, you really can’t find anything else that comes close. Keep up the nice work.

I got my case from him and I am satisfied. They are quite nice, and metal, which you cant really beat.

will you do custom HAPP boxes?

yo meng, can you tell me which post contains info about custom requests O_o? I must be blind cause I can’t see it :frowning:

etownnipples, Upas - thanks a lot for the complements, i doreally do appreciate it :slight_smile:

Infusion - I do not have Happ boxes in hand sorry, however, I can build you one with MDF/Pine wood all around except the top panel which will be metal. Give me your dimension and specification and I will get you back on the price. I only have stock to build exactly one happ box lol, I can build you one with a JLW which I got one in stock. Pm me for more details

kte03 - haha it’s okay, im going to move it on top. But here it is for your convenience

Made to Order Complete Custom Sticks:
I also do fully custom sticks, please pm me with what you want and I will return you with a price,

You can choose from
PCB: MC Cthulhu PS3/PC wired, Xbox360 wired
Box: Painted to your choice
Balltop: Black, White, Green, Blue Crystal
Buttons: black seitmisu, black rim with white plunger Semitsu, blue, green, pink Sanwa
Artwork: I will print your artwork as well, or you can tell me your character and color background and I will get someone to design it n print it for you for 10 bucks.

Are your undrilled boxes a limited time thing and is there a limit on how many a single person can buy?

yeah I still got quite a lot of sets left, around 20 sets left? After that i might continue this deal i might not, im not too sure yet, really depends on the demand. No, there isn’t any limit per person.

There is a builder’s discount though, not only do you save more from shipping the more you buy but I can give an extra 5 percent off for every 5 box shipped upwards to the max of 20 percent.

it’s perfect for low budget people and especially perfect for builders to make money on this. I sold 6 already just today, so i don’t know how fast they sell so yeah, when they are gone, the deal is gone. Next batch might cost a little more, again, we’ll see how this goes first.

Hmm okay before I decide if I want just 1 or 5, do you have any more pictures of maybe the corners as well as an open box? I’ll shoot you a pm after you reply to this. I’ll definitely buy at least one because I am a bit strapped for cash but I do like building sticks.

Also, in your opinion do you think there’s enough room for dual PCBs?

Shadow would it be possible for local pickup if I were to order a custom setup?
Also I noticed you only have 6 buttons on your current for sale list. Do you not make ones with 8 buttons?

demoninja - yes dual pcb is definitely possible, there are more than enough space, you can fit your terminal strip on top of the Cthulhu or vertical between the buttons n the joystick if needed. Here I just took apart an OEM controller and snaped some pictures for you,

Michalcoughlin - you got pm’ed

great guy! bought a box and just another stick from him, responds very fast, couldn’t have asked for a better price for a metal stick. anyway my friend wants one after he saw my akuma stick :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, that Chun stick is nice. If I had the money, I would buy it.

Thanks pyro_dragun. Pm me with a reasonable price, I will consider it if it is reasonable :slight_smile:

New Update - I will not take any custom order until August the 1st, have couple sticks to be completed. Last thing I want is people waiting months for a stick! PM me if you are interested and I will put you in a queue list.