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Now that SRK is shutting down, will you be re-locating to a new message forum like Reddit? RIP Tech Talk :frowning:


I may start a tech-talkesque forum on my website to bridge the gap. More to follow, I have the software and space to do it just need to forumlate the plan and enact it.


Hopefully you will start it, I love peeking on the TT forums a lot


SRK is shutting down? Why?
Edit: Nevermind I read the story on the home page. That sucks man. Where am I gonna go for info and stuff. I guess reddit here I come… :frowning:


I hadn’t checked in on Tech Talk in a couple of days and I thought I was going to be all clever and shit to suggest that you do something like this. If you do then it will be a great thing for the community because I have seen the tech/parts/help sub-forums on other fighting games board and they are…lacking.


No other FGC place has a tech community like SRK TT.
Only other places that come close is the Neo geo fourms and the Shmup forums


Hi Jasen, I want to ask about mc cthulhu ez version. Do you planning to produce more for sale? I’m interested to give retrocompatibility to my stick.
Thank you, and sorry if I say something strange, my english not is the best xd


If I’m not mistaken, he is not planning on producing/selling any more of those.
There was a problem somewhere in the manufacturing/build of them, and he didn’t deem it worthwhile to troubleshoot and investigate.
So he sold off the ones that were made, and that was it.

Mind you, I should’ve grabbed a couple myself, but it totally slipped my mind. Oh well.


:frowning: I try to buy the old version then…
I’m interested in the ez version for the 20 pin conector, I guess I’ll try to solder in other pcb the pins


Thanks again Jasen! Turned out a lot better than I expected it to. I imagine it would be even cleaner with the new plexi printed panels, but my wallet is hurting a bit at this point lol.


@“Jasen Hicks” Do you have any plans to make a NOIR or Sega Layout Hitbox Panzer? I would like to buy one is why I ask. Thanks…


No, I do not. The current Hitbox is great and underwent a lot of testing against alt layouts it proves the best overall:


@“Jasen Hicks” @Arthix damn that is a great box art design. So clean. Congrats.


sorry if this has been asked, but do you do a 6 button variety?


Just use a 6 button plexi and artwork :slight_smile:


ah yes, now i feel stupid for not scrolling down past the hitbox layouts…


I recently got my hands on a PanzerOG and I really love it, fantastic case. Maybe someday I’ll be able to upgrade to a 3i with the EZ tech. In the meantime I was hoping I could add plexi to it, a 6 button black plexi to be exact. Could I use the same 6 button plexi that’s being offered for the Panzer3? I’m aware I’d need to drill and secure the plexi with proper hardware.


Maybe… assuming you have the Noir layout PFS3 OG. The OG did have a Vewlix option that the 3i doesn’t.



It is the Noir layout. Definitely not the Vewlix.




It should fit… the 3i, 3, and OG were the same size on the top.