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I do a few here and there, yes.


Just a heads up, the PS4+ Audio boards Jasen sells off the site are legit. I bought one initially from arcadeshock but it doesn’t have the same connections for my Panzer Hitbox that the one from Jasen has. Also, the audio sounded jacked up on the mic with the arcadeshock pcb but when I put the one jasen sold me in it sounds perfect. I can hear myself on my recorded PS4 videos and live broadcasts. Pretty dope. BTW @“Jasen Hicks” I need the cable for the TP L3 R3 that connects from the Brook PS4+ PCB to the EZ Build board. I lost mine, do I have to buy that WHOLE wiring kit or is there a way I can just buy only that particular cable from you? Lemme know please bro. Thanks!


Wiring kits are sold as kits as they are all made up already.

The PS4+ boards are all the same… not sure why mine were better :slight_smile:


Yeah I just think I got a dud from arcadeshock. It happens. Basically my voice sounded scrambled on the mic port on that PCB but the one I got from you works fine. I guess I’ll take the cable from my Korean Panzer since I only use it when I play Tekken sometimes. I have a wire from arcadeshock that fits but I wanted the Hitbox to be as clean as possible inside. Thanks tho!


Most recent Panzer Fight Stick Builds:




… and two more Panzers for LI Joe; because one wasn’t enough (and having a back up just in case a connector fails due to fatigue is just a good idea):


I was looking your hit boxes and I have some doubts.

  • Is your ez pcb just a shortcut? I mean, nothing process there, just redirects the data from the buttons to the brook PCB? I mean, can add extra input lag?

  • Why some boxes on the site appear to have the brook connector with minijack and others not, I don’t see it in the options

  • What are the use of the buttons in the frontal? And what is the use of the switches?

  • Is the hit box button layout exactly the same of the hitbox arcade?


No, no lag from the EZ BUILD.

Some use the UFB others use the PS4+ with audio. Hence the different choices for console connections.

See JasensCustoms.zendesk.com for info on the front panels buttons. I’ve outlined it there ( and in this thread too ).

No, it’s not the same. @RageousX perfected the layout through math and trial/tests and I’ve used his.


Thanks mate, the zendesk solved every doubt I had

I’ll order soon


So my brother was nice and got me an ADCAP supergun for xmas. But I was wondering what the pinout for the extra buttons where on the back? I already have the adapters for the CSP2 and CPS1. However I also have a System 12 board which has its own harness. So I’d like to be able to wire that up as well. Though if it comes down to it, I could use the Capcom JVS IO adapter and use the CPS2 kich harness instead.


Manual: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nx26wtyigdub3es/MK30ADCAPUserManual.pdf?dl=0


Just guy everything out of the old TE. The pcb inside is trash anyways.


Some recent Panzer Fight Stick builds :slight_smile:


quick question cause i can’t see it currently since the site is down. what is the weight of the panzer? i want to order one when the store opens back up for business, but i was just curious.


A couple of announcements! The partnership with ArcadeShock is proving to be a winner, so much so they are are offering 25% off and free shipping on their Transporter FS 2 Fight Stick bag for JasensCustoms.com customers who buy a Fully Assembled Panzer Fight Stick. You get the code automatically in your account panel on my site when you buy a fully built stick!

Next up, the TES+ EZ MOD is officially available! You can pick one up on my site today. Its a full kit so no need to worry about soldering, etc.

Install video is here: https://youtu.be/WA_hRS-eGQc



@Jasen_Hicks Where can I get the template for the Hori VLX panels? The Hitbox panel and the Sega 2P 8 button layout? Thanks.



Thanks Jasen!


…not sure I’m going to get an answer on this old thread! Is there way a purchasing only the EZ BUILD pcb and the required cables? I’ve got already a Brook PS4+ pcb and the Panzer DIY kit is a bit costly to ship to the UK.
I’ll will be “happy” to build my own case (and I can wire some LEDs and the turbo button), but I found your PCB quite handy to have a clean cable management!


Not really. The inventory is ordered and stocked 1:1 with the requisite amount of cases, so it’s not like we have a stack of them sitting around. Additionally, the cables are all measured out to fit exactly to the PCB’s dimensions with the main board designed to screw into four provided standoffs within the Panzer. While you could theoretically make this work, you’re really just better off building a set of techflex/heatshrink harnesses, or ordering them from someone local to the UK (like arcadeworlduk.com), and then running them into the Brook’s screw terminals.


Dat Lindbergh stick…total class! Is the CPO printed on the Plexiglas or traditionally printed? If I ever manage to get my hands on one, that’s exactly what I’d want, 6B master race for me though, lol.