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Good morning everyone! Wanted to throw launch the shop into the Tech Talk Community because why not… every other vendor has. I’ll migrate over my SALES threads to here and ask the mods to close them out once I get everything moved over.

** About me and the Shop **

Some of you may know me, some of you may not… I am Jasen and I am a DIY-Aholic. I build Fight Sticks, SuperGuns, Print and Cut Custom Graphics, and Sell buttons, sticks, and tech to fuel my addiction. What started out as a minor hobby as a kid (pulling things apart to see how they worked and getting rocked at Street Fighter II and Samurai Showdown) turned into an obsession. Many things I make such as the Panzer Fight Sticks, SuperGun Cases, and graphics started out as something I needed for a project I was working on. Over the past two years it evolved into a “business”, a term I use loosely because I’m not trying to make money… just trying to save it for my random projects and passing it along the best I can to the community. By night I may be an arcade/gaming enthusiast but by day I am a LCDR in the US Navy and drive Submarines for a living. Because of my day job I have been able to learn a lot of crazy stuff that has influenced my designs and projects. Thanks Navy for training me and testing me as a Nuclear Engineer!

I run this by myself so I know the quality of parts, prints, and builds… in my house. America was built from the home, I’m going to try and keep it that way. Plus it saves me money :smiley:
** Announcement Section / New Projects **

Panzer 2.0 Pre Orders are open again. All white options are available during this time!

Working on the HRAP 4 EZ MOD and the TE2 EZ MOD. I think the HRAP4 variant will be very pricey retail and based on the cost of the stick might not be worth doing. Open to thoughts!

I was wondering why you didn’t have a thread here.

I thought Tech Talk was for that… Tech Talk, not selling stuff… that’s why I kept it in the Market Place. It’s ok though, we all learn :smiley:

I have some really neat custom projects coming out soon. I’m cutting some SuperGun cords to make some folks really want one of their own not to mention changing a few cords too. Let’s just say that the MK30 MOD 1 and MK30 MOD 2 are going to be some amazing cases ready for some killer tech!

I actually agree with this though. I would keep this thread for tech discussion of products you sell and tech support for customers who need it. I would keep the other thread for sales info and issues related to that.

It’s good to have a thread for your custom stuff, that way you can talk about the tech aspects of it, such as the gauge of the metal used in Panzer sticks, mounting options, and so on.

It’s a format I think everyone should move to.

Well I’ll bite. One of your past superguns had an enclosure similar to panzer fight stick. Able to fit in a power supply and all that inside it. I’ve been meaning to redo my supergun and an enclosure like that would be perfect. However its not on your site, do you know where I may order one?

@ShinjiGohan - I think you were referring to the Fight Stick with the Intel NUC inside. That was a custom case I did for a customer in Singapore. I could definitely do another one if you were interested. As for a complete SuperGun inside a stick, I have drawings for one that I did a while ago but never put it into production because of what I thought was limited appeal. It was 2P and had everything setup for a SuperGun to be built inside.

Panzer Fight Stick Korean Edition where can i preoders,i.e can you put my name down to buy one? which switches can i get with the gamefinger push buttons… will you be able to get the standard bat top and not a ball top if you bought this?

Not taking Pre-Orders on the PFS:KE. They will be available in July. They will all be made with Black GamerFingers so they are ready off of the shelf. Standardization makes it easier and less costly for the end user. There will be 10 of these for sale, hence the limited edition, and there will be battops and balltops available.


that looks smaller than the original ones, is it smaller?

im still considering a smaller panzer stick, but i gotta get my money priorities straight, after modding my TE, i have barely used it lol

The Korean stick is just a bit taller and only slightly narrower (width wise). Still made from 14 gage steel though so its a tough beast.


PS: The Link is on clearance at the site, only $19.95 plus shipping. Good for now until they sell out!

I’m just curious, any reason why you are going to only make 10 of the korean sticks? If you run out of the sticks would it still be possible to order a panzer fight stick that is capable of mount a fanta stick ?

The only thing I would’ve done differently on the 탱크 would be to make Crown button holes (28mm).

But YES, another REAL Korean option is AWESOME! (Being able to mount the Japanese style Korean stick doesn’t count, I much prefer the collar)

I hope this doesn’t stay limited and you see batch production happen for them.

Thanks for the comments. I used the Crowin (Crown) buttons in Korea and wasn’t that impressed with them. They have these weird pin connections that don’t fit normal QCDs and didn’t meet the intent of the stick… to use the best/impressive. That’s the rationale behind using the GamerFingers in the final builds. Because they are impressive and very nice. Why make a high end stick without all high end parts?

I chose to make these limited edition because of the cost with the digital printing on the case. Depending on how well these sell and how much interest there is in a case only option I may do a pre-order setup for cases only without the digital printing. The digital printing process is actually a bit pricey.

One more update to the Stick: Looking to upgrade the Micros to D2RVs with the actuating levers during the build. This will allow for the normal Fanta feel with the sound of silence!

Uroboros - Coming Soon.

Yes, I am working on a new project for the community. It’s going to be pretty slick if I do say so myself. Details will be released slowly as my partner and I get things moving forward. Alpha testing is underway, Beta Testing will start soon. Needless to say, its something completely new for JasensCustoms.com and I hope everyone likes it!

Nice Hit Box layout there :cool:

Thanks! It seems people like it and want to build a stick around it, probably why so many people take existing sticks and replace the panels to get the layout. I haven’t sold too many with that layout but enough that I keep it available. Its interesting… I bought an actual HITBOX from them to add to my collection and never really got used to it, but that’s the great thing about the community… everyone has their tastes and likes.

One day the person who asked for a WASD layout will finally place his custom case order… then we will see some craziness and have some very interesting discussions on alt layouts.

I must admit Jasen, I learned of your site last (after Paradise/Focus/heck even overseas sites) but what I saw was impressive. I think your the only vender who sells the bottom control boards from the Xbone controllers. Thats impressive stuff.

Keep up the good work, I know I’ll be ordering from you at some point. (Im Canadian I kind of have to pick and choose)

Thanks Sith… You don’t have to be first to the party to make an impact :smiley: I’ll keep doing what I do and hopefully, people will see the quality and want to join the Jasen’s Customs Family.

I’d like to agree that I am the only vendor with bare XBONE pads but my buddies over at www.paradisearcadeshop.com have them as well.

Most recent quasi-custom Panzer Fight Stick: 4 Button Layout for the Neo-Geo enthusiast.


These are beautiful, and the commercial operations could learn a thing or two from your slick “jet black” powder coating. The graphics on most sticks look cartoony and childish.

Seems you have a pretty flexible operation w/r/t to customization, so here’s a question: What is the possibility of including a cable storage compartment with a little hinged door like the plastic commercial sticks? Is that even feasible engineering- and price-wise?