Guess who nabbed www.koryuken.com for 10 years.

I’d like to apologize after the fact for scooping it up after whoever dropped it last year.

As a professional web designer, graphic artist, video editor and flash developer by trade. I’ll be doing something fantastic in the future.

So the first thing I’m going to do when I get home is set the redirect back to this forum until I get my things in order.

Ho ho ho,


Edit: There won’t be anything up until later.

Double-edit: :smiley:


Kickass, can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.



I am not disappoint.


Generally, the plan can be broken down into bullet points:

[]Document and link to Youtube videos of great Dans, entertaining Dans, or players who get recorded being goofballs (Think Zangitroll or Poongko’s Final Tap xx Super).
]Tutorials for taunting/trolling shenanigans.
[]Tutorials for legit Dan Hibiki play.
]Dan Hibiki and Street Fighter related news.
[]Set up the front and back end to cover not only SFIV, but Dan’s inevitable inclusion in the Cross series.
]Flash-animated tutorials, cartoons and content. (Maybe. It’s a HUGE timesink to do something like that for free, you know.)
[]Frame data and combos, obviously.
]Printable Dan-flavoured arcade stick art, graphics, resources and assets. Character art and vectors for his Gi logos and stuff like that.
[*]A link to these forums.

All of this will be done on a proper website. I need AS3 practice, so this is as good a timesink as any. I want to glorify our exploits, because with the amount of trolls on the internet, I’m surprised we don’t have more Dan rep. It’ll be my gift to anyone who dons the pink/purple/banana/Ryo-range/lime karate gi.



What was on that site previously?


A redirect here. I think it was registered as a joke. Now it’s my joke. :lol:


Website is live!


YES! \m/


This is already great, lmao. I love the plan youve got laid out! Id also include a lot of Saikyo/Dan related fandom and history and such, for fun :slight_smile: If I can help in anyway lemme know :o


As a status update. I have some things done, mostly just flash baubles and some logo-work. The plan is to work on it more after I get a job, as the hunt is taking up most of my time right now, and it’s looking like I’ll be moving out to Ottawa for a position.


Google maps thinks I can bike to Ottawa from Florida in 5 and a half days.


12 mile average

1600 miles

1600mil/12mph = 133.33hours

133.33h / 24 = 5.5 days.

Yes its correct. You forgot though, that google maps assumes you are an android like it, thus you are in no need for rest or food.


As a newbie SSFIV player and Dan main, I’m looking forward to the finished site. :smiley: Seems like It’d be really helpful.


The list reactions
1.Hope I’m on it XP, and PKSkyler.
2.Jizz in pants
3.Jizzed more
4.Sounds like a good thing to check up on
6.Sounds hard to add up, that’s filled with awesomeness
9.Saw that coming




You either read REALLY slow or you got a shitload of jizz XD


Shitload of jizz :stuck_out_tongue:


Twitter feed is live. My first follower: BlazBlue_Europe (lolololol)

The situation is this: I probably won’t be able to get anything of substance live for a couple weeks at best. I’m crunching to get some personal stuff done for a job, and I have a contract job lined up next week (Though it shouldn’t take long to do). I should have ample time to get the initial site up then, as the initial design is more-or-less finalized.

Fingers crossed that I stay unemployed longer than expected, or get a full-time position somewhere with regular hours (Which is likely going to be the case).


You should follow @DanHibiki on Twitter, if you don’t yet. It’s only fitting! :wink:


Looking forward to the finished site.