You don’t need to search us in facebook.

www.nohonorcrew.com is the fastest way to find us, matchmaking, top player interviews, we’re a community that support SFII scene and Fighting games in general.

Yes we have no honor!


Haha, I haven’t checked this section of SRK in such a long time. Good to share the link here, help show that the scene is still very active, just elsewhere.


I am a little bit lost with the layout of the fb page. Where can I find strategies for instance? just in the stream?


IMO, Facebook is great for instant news and casual discussion but terrible for things like discussing strategy because of the way it’s designed (basically no search function). I think you’re better off searching for strategy or posting any questions in character specific threads here on SRK or on the SRK ST Wiki. The strategy section on the STR site is right now linking video tutorials made by various members of the community but we don’t have any character specific guides yet.


Honestly, I feel like strategies are best discussed here on the forums, but very few are willing to ask questions. A majority of us have a lot of good information about the game, matchup details, strategies, game engine mechanics, etc etc, but the info is either difficult or impossible to find. It should be localized to either these forums or on STR or both.

I made a few tutorials, but they’re mostly aimed at newbie-level players. There’s still a significant gap to fill in information that intermediate and expert-level players would find informative.


no no no, I think that we should use facebook for things like hangout and keeping in touch with other players, kind of like a lounge area. And stick to using the forum for strategic help.


Did i say strategies?.. oops my bad, i was a little sleepless that day.

Ima edit that.

So sorry.


Whoa, people still go here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Told you this place sucks without Drama.

Drama keeps shit alive.




I’ve shared magazine scans on the nohonorcrew fb page. I go by Kice Noachide there. It’s 20 years of awesome fighting history. The Wolfe brothers, Mike watson, Tomo Ohira, Thomas Osaki plus more. I got you guys covered.


Check those facebook scans out, they’re rad. Time travel!