Www.shoryuken.com is worth $8,346,240


Hi guys,

I’ve been a lurker for quite a few months, but i decided to register on the
forums today :slight_smile: some of you guys are quite a friendly bunch (from surfing
around earlier).

I’m just a little curious (actually very, very intrigued) though. I was
searching for a old thread i read some time back on the forum via google and
i spotted that that this site** is worth $8,346,240 from this url
Seriously? that’s pretty damn impressive in my books. Must be you guys
posting everyday and contributing. anyway, just thought you guys might want
to know… yes i heard web 2.0 and community is priceless but that’s
errrr… is seriously wild. I wonder if it was calculated like a dollar a
post or something.

ok i gotta fix my sig… so much for being tech stupid.



If what you say is true, the Wiz got to be happy. Although, it still is probably a bitch to keep it all running I would guess.


That’s potential worth, which, I guess means that if everyone were to click into an advertisement on SRK, it would be potentially worth over $8.5million.


That’s Mr. Wiz’s fight money.


I checked a friends stats through that website, and the amount they said he makes per month was about 8x what he actually makes on his website, so those numbers aren’t very accurate


This is a bot…


Yeah I linked to this in the Bot Thread like 5 hours ago or some shit. Everyone stop replying.

Edit: LOL, it was 2 hours ago, man I’m high.


Should have clued in in “some of you guys are quite a friendly bunch (from surfing
around earlier).”