Evo is over, and it’s time for a new thread. Borders don’t mean anything to me and I will always consider myself mainly a Milwaukee player. Nappy has been MIA for 7 months so I’m going to step things up and I consider myself to be the most qualified to do so. That being said, on with the new thread. This time I am going to once again separate the player list by name and add bios for each in case you are looking for people who play certain games to play with. If I missed you or you want me to add someone hit me up with a PM or whatever and I’ll add him.


NappyJin - Mains Tekken but also plays Guilty Gear and most doujin style games like Melty Blood and Arcana Heart. A solid all around player in many games.

MadWak - Specializes in SSF4 and Marvel. Good with several characters in SSF4 including Viper and Rufus. Known to play pretty much everything including Tekken, Melty Blood, MK, and all versions of Street Fighter to some degree.

Munn3y - Wisconsin’s best HDR player by far. Also plays SSF4 and mains Rog. Won a few HDR tournaments in 2009 and 2010 and won the last SF4 tournament in Racine in 2009.

Footmeetsskull - Originally from LaCrosse, now in Milwaukee. Mains Ryu in SSF4 and HDR. Also decent at several other games and willing to try everything. Organizes near-monthly tournaments at the Tracks Tavern in Milwaukee featuring SSF4 and other games.

Soloist - SSF4 player from the Milwaukee area. Mains Balrog in SSF4, and mained Akuma in SF4. Solid at MK4 according to him. He’s also heavily involved with running the monthly tournaments in Milwaukee at the Tracks Tavern. Goes by Soloist25 on SRK. Great player who has yet to reach his full potential in a tournament situation.

Chazro - Mains Cammy and Ibuki in Super. Also plays other games like Melty Blood, TvC, and Tekken. Solid player with a lot of potential and generally places well at local tournaments.

Jfrisco - Sort of MIA for the past few months but continues to play online. One of the best HDR players in the Milwaukee area and a very solid SF4 player.

TomatoPancake - Helped the Milwaukee scene florish by opening his place up to all players on a weekly basis. Mains Zangief in SF4 and Super and good at many versions of SF including 2 and 3. Willing to learn many different FGs. Placed 2nd at the first Tracks SF4 tournament.

SRWPyrit - Is it SWR or SRW? No one can remember. Mains Gief in Super but plays several characters. Also plays many other games including TvC and SNK games. Won the 1st SF4 tournament at the Tracks.

Arsenal - Probably the best Third Strike player in Milwaukee. Recently came out of retirement to start playing again. Plays Urien, Ken, Makoto, and Dudley. Also loves playing Alpha 2 and Garou. Mains Rog in SF4 but then again who doesn’t.

Zack - Also came back recently to play Third Strike. Decent Tekken 6 player as well. Plays Kazamas in T6 and several characters in 3S.

Gandara - Named after the now forgotten sub boss of the Samurai Shodown 64 games. Mains Hakan and T Hawk in SSF4. Disappeared for a short while but came back with Super. Plays BlazBlue, Guilty, and 3S, and several other games.

BudoWing - Plays Calibur and mains Chun in SSF4.

Price - AKA JPDuffman. Mains Blanka in Super. More or less came into the scene with SF4. The most consistant player in Milwaukee and constantly getting better.

Huey Freeman - Younger player still finding his way. Plays a variety of games including SF4 and Soul Calibur.

Yoshi - AKA Yee. Mains Cammy in HDR and Ryu in SSF4.

Tony - a.k.a. Licorice King a.k.a. Sauce Pan Man. SSFIV player, Dan + Cody main, occasionally hosts gatherings at his place.

David - Won several tournaments at Stonefire last year in SF4. Placed 1st at the first Super tournament in Milwaukee at the Tracks. Plays lots of characters in SF4. Would be better if he stopped playing silly FPS games.

Organeous - Quit his job to try his hand as a pro player but has yet to win any tournaments. Ran tournaments at Stone Fire last year until people stopped bothering to go. Won the last tournament at the Tracks with Gief. Watch out for his tai chi moves when he’s warming up for a match.

Gaijinder - Plays many characters in Super including Chun-Li and others. Works with an online anime magazine and recently did an article on MWC.

Sparda - AKA Lil Negrito AKA Sam the Marketman. Mainly a Tekken player but dabbles in other games such as SF4.

Chun Pai - Mains Honda in SF4. Barely misses a Tuesday fight night in Milwaukee.

Spideyman - Plays Marvel. Able to leave his house once a year and uses that time to attend evo. Hopefully will come to a local gathering or tournament soon.

Snorlax - Plays Marvel and Tekken. Still has yet to come out to a gathering as well but hopefully that will change in the near future.

HeadTap - Placed 2nd at the first tournament at the Tracks Tavern in Milwaukee for Super. Mains Vega in SSF4.

choppie_choppie - Best Rose in Milwaukee. Can be surprisingly solid at times and can become a great player with more matchup experience. Price’s rival in SSF4 online.

Beefman - As much as Milwaukee player as I am. Lives in Northern IL but will always consider himself a WI player. Mains Vega in SF2 and El Fuerte in SF4.

NTNDOChamp - Lives in Milwaukee but moving to Green Bay soon. Plays Super, BlazBlue, Marvel, and HDR.

shinwolverine - Local T. Hawk player. Also played Calibur.

Dot - Mains Lars in Tekken 6. Also a pro Rock Band 2 player (but no one will ever know that… maybe). LOVES chocolate.

Arnoldo - Doesn’t post on SRK but has the best V motion (guile super) in Milwaukee. Prefers to drink over gaming.

Jim - Plays Cammy in SSF4. Doesn’t post on SRK afaik.

Syxx-Actually lives in Gurnee but has nothing better to do than come to Milwaukee and help us level up. He is proficient in damn near every fighter ever made. Places well in almost every tourney he enters. Causes people to have nightmares about his floating head shaking in disapproval. Excited for Arcana Heart 3. A true SRK OG. His Cammy in HDR is legendary. You’re also able to tell when Syxx is in the area just by his sweet ride.

Green Bay

Keits - Old school player. Plays just about everything. Top 8 at Evo 2010 in TvC. Now organizes the “new” MWC. Front page administrator on SRK and Midwest moderator. Overall accomplished player in several 2D games. If you live in the Green Bay area and want to meet and play other people, he is the one to contact.

J1n - Great Guilty Gear player, also dabbles in SF4, BB, and other games as well.

Sawa - Plays BlazBlue, Vampire Savior, TvC, and SSF4. Placed 13th at Evo 2010 in TvC. Recently returned from Chinatown with a fucking katana.


Matt Kurtz

Kevin “Alucard”


ShadowHado - On-again Off-again SF4 and Tekken player. Another great old school player.


Eckertmania - “Well, I of course play SSF4. I do dabble a little bit in MVC2, HDR, Third Strike, and Garou MOTW. But I’m not as good at those as I am at SSF4, which isn’t that good to begin with.”

Shia “SuperShia”: SSF4, 3S, HDR/Super Turbo
Pretty much the best in La Crosse… Can pickup just about any character in any game and show you how to execute some combo. Enjoys $3.99 steak and egg combos as much as 9 hit combos.

Picks a character early in a game’s lifecycle and makes it his personal bitch. Solid.

Ed: Quiet. Tricky.

Mike “Eclips”: Prefers characters with 360 motions so that he can say “BOOOOOOOOOOOM” really loud when he lands something.

Jacob “SubwayJacob”: Plays the japanese version of everything first so he has a 4 day headstart on everyone. On big game release weeks; buys lots of 99 cent BK burgers, refridgerates them, and eats them throughout the week.

Mike “Lyx”: Plays great when he’s sober, but is always drunk. Enjoys teleporting and avoiding you while laughing at you for trying.

John “Caviezel”: Bracket man at GG events. Dabbles in whatever fighting game is in front of him. Tiny hands.

Evan “Minnwild”: Owner of Gaming Generations, hates SSF4 but plays it since everyone else does. More of a Super Turbo man. Plays on HAPP (inexpensive) gear since he will destroy inferior electronics for not obeying his thoughts. Ghosts and Goblins savant.

Ben “CTW(cheat to win)”: Cheats at everything. Scrubby guile in every game with Guile in it. Plays Dungeons and Dragons on Monday nights as a rushdown paladin.

Rico “619”: Flowchart Mexican’t.

Damarius “Hold on I have to send a 3 page text reply to someone in the middle of this match”: Cammy shenanigans. Will tell you he’s better on a pad when sticks are around. 13 kids.

Patterson: used to play alot… got hooked on the World of Warcrack, but is catching up fast in SSF4.

Bryant “B”: Plays old school.

Bobcat.Duff - Plays Cammy and Rose in Super.



Behatryce - AKA Keranata on SRK, plays Super and some Blazblue. Best MVC3 player in Wisconsin currently

Mundungu - MVC3 player

dooku9876 - plays AH3, Marvel


Bigchips - AKA chipieb0i107. Local SSF4 pad champion. Runs Rufus, Balrog, and Akuma. One of the stream monsters.

That pretty much sums up all the SRK people, but I’d like to expand the list as much as possible.

Upcoming Tournaments

Milwaukee - Tracks Taverns June 25th

Wausau - July 9th


Weekly Fight Nights in Milwaukee

Location :

1021 E. Wright Apt 2
Milwaukee, WI

When : Every Tuesday, generally from 6ish til 11 or 12ish

Youtube Channels

Keits : YouTube - Rockeits’s Channel
Syxx : YouTube - syxx573’s Channel
Madwak : YouTube - ChemistOn3’s Channel
Yoshi : YouTube - onoharuna92’s Channel

Wisconsin 2010-11 : In yo crib, humpin yo couch… DANGIT!

The Tracks @ Milwaukee 04/30/11 results

Tekken 6

1 - Mateo
2 - Antonio
3 - Lil Negrito
4 - Chris
5 - MysticBill
5 - Joe
7 - Broman


1 - Organous
2 - Munn3y
3 - J song
4 - Umeshoryu
5 - Devin Diggs
5 - Yoshi
7 - Price
7 - Chris Z
9 - Tony
9 - Derek
9 - Kara
9 - Broman
13 - Chunpai
13 - Jake
13 - Gunners
13 - Shinwolve


1 - Kara
2 - Kerenata
3 - Sammy "Super" Mercado
4 - MysticBill
5 - Syxx
5 - Gunners
7 - Mundungu
7 - Anthony
9 - SRWPyrit
9 - Kobayshi
9 - Shin Asuka
9 - Chunpai
13 - Jerry
13 - KK
13 - Kennedy

**Madison Tourney #51 Results 4/23/11 **

Tekken 6:

  1. jimmypikachuchoi (Xiaoyu)
  2. MysticBill (Miguel, Lars, Marduk, ???)
  3. Alex/IA (Julia)
  4. Murphy/IA (Paul)
  5. Dark Hogosha/IA (Asuka)
  6. Phil Bond (Eddy, Panda, Kuma)
  7. Olli/IA (Jack)
  8. Tomi (Asuka)
  9. Mitchel (Jin)


SC4 Results:

  1. jimmypikachuchoi (X)
  2. Ken/IA (Kilik, Ivy)
  3. Dark Hogosha/IA (Kilik)
  4. MysticBill (Kilik)
  5. Phil Bond (Siegfried)
  6. Outlaw (Yun-Seong, Amy)
  7. Tomi (Mitsu)



  1. Kerenata
  2. Dark Hogosha/IA
  3. Alex/IA
  4. MysticBill
  5. Murphy/IA
  6. Matthew
  7. Dooku/IA
  8. Olli/IA
  9. jimmypikachuchoi
  10. Ken/IA
  11. John
  12. Madison

mite b cool

Very nice Syxx I’m glad this was started I hated that old thread title!!!

Awesome stuff Dan. Tho, I’m pretty sure David won the second Tracks and HeadTap took second.

lol i love this new thread.

kinda exausted from FGs atm, so no Jerrys this week, next week tho.

oh yeah woops herp derp on my part


Devin, how’d you fare at Evo?

also someone think of a new thread title i’m just using this one in the mean time as a post evo placeholder. also some tags would be nice

Tags should read Pizza,WEVO,Sweat,Nature,Honor,Level 4 not necessarily in that order.
Title should be What We Have A Scene?

yep, since i only do get to go out once a year why not go to evo? if anyone wants to play hit me up on PSN. Evo was a good time. it took me almost 10 years to make it there but i finally went. if anyone ever wants to play T6, SSF4 or Mvc2 on PS3 hit me up.

what!!! i want some viper action. want to see if u leveled up at evo…

Im not new to fighting games. I use to play soul Caliber…

but which soul calibur??? hmmmmmm… j/k… we should have one person write another persons bio to make it from a group pov instead of one persons view. BUT i dont disagree with syxx bios of us. Maybe with the exception of me not being almost top milwaukee player in ssf4… hehehehe

edit: almost top milwaukee ssf4 player for a guy whos hates the game and doesnt really play it except at tournaments,gatherings,or with his bro

no real player would call it soul caliber

Took me 10 mins to remember how to subscribe to threads. ACK

Yoshi - AKA Yi. Mains Cammy in HDR as well as SSF4.

His name is spelt as “Yee” and he doesn’t main Cammy in SSF4… he uses her for fun though. His main is Ryu in SSF4, despite hating all the things they took away from him… aka… SUPER TRAP.

Also, what games are going down tonight?
Can somebody msg me the address? I lost the link to the post which had the address.

I’m likin’ the thread so far :smiley:

lol too funny

You should throw Tony on the list:

Tony a.k.a. Licorice King a.k.a. Sauce Pan Man - SSFIV player, Dan + Cody main, occasionally hosts gatherings at his place. (Dan, you went to his old house a few times, that’s when I organized the random tourney)

Also, you misspelled “Hakan” in my mini-bio. And I’ll play anything. SSFIV is what I’ve invested the most time into but I play BlazBlue, Guilty Gear and 3S a bit on the side, and pretty much every other fighter too but purely on a casual level.

I live in Glendale now, I don’t have a lot of free time to get together to play at the moment, but hopefully I will soon enough. I really like Soul Calibur and play with Sigfried mostly.

I’ve been playing a lot of SSFIV as of late. I use Chun Li.