Hi, I am thinking of ordering a saturn ps2 pad from www.toylet.net .
Has anyone ever bought anything from this site before and if so what were your experiences in dealing with them?

did you not bother to check their ebay store feedback?

6.6k feeback 99.1% posative

I have bought something from them before, they’re good and I bought some toys from them on eBay. fast shipping too

thanks. sorry i missed the ebay store link at the top of the page.

that’s odd never heard of that store

Kinda of a funny name, Toylet.net, its a little suggestive that they aren’t very good, but apparently they are heheh.

i don’t care about the name. they appear to have saturn ps2 pads. saturn pads = nirvana/eternal happiness/sex with Petra Nemcova (well maybe not this. but you get the point).

I’d be very surprised if they actually had the pads in stock, especially for the price they are selling the pads for. If they do I’m sure once word gets out on here they will sell out immediately.

I just got an email back from them. They do not have the saturn pads in stock.