Www.yoganoogie.blogspot.com and other cool ST sites!

So, I launched www.yoganoogie.blogspot.com. Check it out! I have only just begun, so give it a whirl. Constructive criticism is VERY welcome. Requests are welcome. Ideas are welcome.

While you’re at it, check out these other ST sites. They are all very cool and much better than my own.

www.curryallergy.blogspot.com (Nohoho’s the MAN!!:pray:)

LoL@Full Metal Jacket…this site is cool by default. It has the famous fatboy av pic, Full Metal Jacket, and all kinds of other cool stuff.

The links were all very helpful. Nice man =]

Looking good so far dude. As a guile player, I’ll be hoping for some anti-sim strats from you too :wink:

Very good thread! Keep it up!



(bumps thread)
(walks quietly)
(looks around)

Great blog! What about the second part against Honda? It’s been already more than 3 weeks! :crybaby:

About a month ago (I think), the official US Capcom blog (probably a Seth post) linked to an ongoing personal blog hosted on the Capcom site where this dude was writing a ton of advice on how to generally be a better Street Fighter player. I think the specific post that they had linked to was about frame advantage/disadvantage and the screenshots were SF2 sprites, although I don’t think the article was game-specific.

I know I saved the link but I can’t find it now for the life of me. I think he was an SRK member, and had written a fair number of articles, and I wanted to look through them. Kicking myself about it now and Google is not helping me out!

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Right now, one can only check Capcom blog archives up to june. I tried locating it, but failed miserably.

Wait, are you saying that you can’t check archives before june?
Like this? http://blog.capcom.com/archives/date/2008/03

Or just that you didn’t, because there are a lot and your time is money.

No, lol. I said, at that moment, I could not check stuff like the july post history.

Ah. I see. It was a confusing sentence.

awesome blog, keep up the good work fatboy :tup: .

I hope you’re just taking a creative break to overwhelm us with pure awesomeness with your next update. Just like the young master of Yoga…first meditating…then destroying. :rofl:

I finally found what I was talking about:

It looks like he sort of stopped working on it, but what’s there is pretty cool. It’s well-done at the very least, even if you all already know this stuff.

nice site!