X-23 Combo Video (Intermediate-ish)



Hello all, I didn’t really know where to put this but the X-23 sub-forum seemed most fitting. I apologize that it’s not super awesome HD quality but I still wanted to share some combos and (I guess you could call) tech with X-23 but I’m sure most people probably know them. If anything I guess it shows “synergy” with my team and how well they extend combos for X-23.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Created using: X-23, Iron Man B-Reupulsor Assist, and Nova B-Centurion Rush Assist

Sorry for random people saying stuff and screaming during recording.
“So you’re recording? That means they can hear me?”
“Oh, aaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhh!!!”



Good video, not sure if there was a reason to make a whole new thread since we have a video thread, though. Only thing I would say is find the combo that lets you relaunch with RB first so that you can use the untechable ground bounce from Cent. rush to get a 2nd relaunch (have to get a realllly low TK CS H to get that last relaunch because of the hitstun, though). You can probably push 900k with the second relaunch and as long as you let them drop low enough to get the spacing on the the last TK CS HxxTA L. The meter gain on the CS Hs is pretty ridiculous and definitely worth adding in to your combos.

I would also recommend adding in some hi//low unblockables resets into your game by ending with charged AS, wait, call Nova+ MF M. If they tech roll out of the corner, you get the left right and can probably get a cr.L in and if they stay in the corner, it OS’s into AS for the unblockable there. Plus both MF M and AS give you time to charge or wait so you should have time to confirm the tech roll.

Only other thing I would get in your gameplan either Nova or IM infinites since that’s pretty much a won match if you can kill the first person and have 5 bars waiting for you.

Last note from me. I don’t think there’s any reason to try to do tech resets into dirt nap. Almost always going to be better to DHC through if you just want to put damage on one person and the best option would be just to snap their dangerous character in off the charged AS and get the easy unblockable with RB. Not to mention people get stupid when you activate dirtnap and start throwing out random supers or mashing on shit so on anyone with air supers gets a decent out and smart players will neutral stand into a fast super just to burn down your dirt nap time. Much better to get a guaranteed full combo or death on a scary character than to risk derpiness on a 95% dead character.


Thanks for the feedback on not just the video but also on my gameplay as well, I’ll try to incorporate it in the future. And I wasn’t exactly sure where to put it so I’m sorry that I had to make a new thread :confused:

As for pushing 900K, the CS loops with both assists do 940K damage all together. But I think you’re talking about incorporating the different assists in other combos as well. But with having a second relaunch I think I might actually get to 1 mil! :open_mouth:

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for taking the time to watch it!


Something that always irks me when seeing other X23s is when they don’t do in the air the down H. Also what Merkly said is true. Use the Ironman assist first into relaunch then Nova’s assist as it ignores hitstun and go into a tigerknee crescent scythe after the S. Another thing, why not put input and damage on? i wanted to see the difference between the combos but only had the lifebar to go by.


Sometimes I don’t really do the down H because I always end up screwing up my inputs for the CS or I do the CS to late to where they’re too high for the TA to hit. Other than that I would do it but I got into the habit of playing it safe and not doing :d::h:. I tried to do the Iron Man assist for but by the time I got to Nova’s relaunch (after Iron Man’s relaunch), the hit stun decay got to the point of them flipping out right after I did S after the ground bounce.

I didn’t turn on input and damage because I personally think that they can kinda clutter the screen sometimes. Especially when stuff is done on the right corner the damage count kind of gets in the way, also it would’ve been next to impossible to see it because I was using such a crappy camera so all you would’ve seen was just blobs of yellow and red for damage.

Edit: I can give close estimates for damage if you want.

  • The CS loops in the corner starting of with Tiger Knee TA and using two assists and one meter does 940K damage.
  • MFC combos that just looped standing :m: and :h: did little over 680K.
  • Some of the other MFC loops went from 760K to 860K.


You should get into the habit of doing it though. free damage is free damage. Sort of like saying air MH CS TA is easier than MMH CS TA. and the part about CS too late and they’re too high for the TA, you could just delay the TA. Thats what you require in some instances of Tigerkneeing the CS after the S. Which brings me to my other point, you said that the hitstun decay gets in the way of a 2nd relaunch? To remedy that, you have to tigerknee the CS and not do S air H> CS or S and manual CS. It has to be tigerkneed or else they will fall out.

Heres me doing it in my combo vid at the 2:23 mark