X-23 Down TAC Glitch

I don’t know if anyone here knows about this yet but I made a video about this. While in the lab I found a way for x-23 to do a down TAC glitch. This is very useful as this can land you a free dirt nap with no assist and can possibly be a start off to a tac infinite which I’m working on at the moment, the quality isn’t good but I put explanations in the video. My YouTube channel is MrRook518

How about posting the video?

Saw it. You can counter it. So its pretty much a one use only thing.

The video was meh, but you gave me an idea.

I think X-23 can do the Jill thing via her own stance cancel. She CAN cancel out of Talon Kick so there’s a high possibility that there’s something with it. It would be a much more viable TAC infinite with her.

So basically what you’ve made is a setup that involves 2 down TACs in a row (both breakable), but the second one doesn’t tag her out (really old tech) and you don’t get an extra meter from it.

I now see why this tech will make her a top teir character

you mean talon L loop? It won’t work, talon L knocks them down. Standing MFCs don’t work either, they pop out.

closes guy to do it was probably luis, but it’s too hard. Not even practical. She doesn’t need one anyway when there’s other characters that are much easier and build the meter for her.

She’s so good at getting hits and corner carry that it doesn’t make much sense to bother TACing into her.

On the tac question though, You can do instant dH to drop down and avoid the opponent, maybe if you were able to drop down and get into a MF H crouch fast enough to skip neutral you could swing somehing off her jump loops. Long shot tho. Plus timing would be really rough.

With the right height it might be possible to do dHxxTA L and whiff if you think there’s something there. Really tho, I don’t think the game ;lets her MFC out of a special since the basis of MFC is cancelling a normal into a special that can be neutral cancelled. Guess it would depend on how wide of a gap the engine allows after landing. I wouldn’t hate having an X23 infinite and she’s already terrifying with XF2 as a backup plan, it would def. open up her team synergy options for engame.

First time seeing this thread… didn’t know she could do this. I love seeing stuff like. Definitely will try this