X-23 good or bad character?



Why is that i never see x-23 in umvc3?? Is she outplayed by someone like wolverine or something?? Or she is just not used, like underrated or something?? Same with nemesis, whats up with him, btw, im a total noob :,( but i love x.23


I’ll answer your question because this new avatar is making me feel very charitable. X-23 is a solid character. She is underrated for the most part, but she isn’t anything phenomenally good. With recent discovery of tac infinites, she will definitely make an appearance on a lot of teams if people master them because her level 3 is easily the strongest level 3 in the game. Nemesis is pretty crappy, but if you build a team around him, it’s possible to get something going. I see you’re new here, so just a reccomendation. . . don’t make any new threads unless it’s something important, which it probably will never be. Your threads will get closed or moved to the x-23 section. This is the general mvc3 forum. If you want to talk about x-23 simply ask your question in the x-23 sub forum in the general thread. Same thing applies to your nemesis question. If you want to know about the general consensus on this forum about the strength and tier placements of x-23 or nemesis, you can check out the tier thread which can be found here:UMVC3 SRK Tier List/Theory Discussion READ FIRST PAGE!


X 23 is really gd IMO. She is fast has a nice mix up game and fits nicely in most teams I also like her OTG assist. Nemesis 2 me just seems like a bit target alto his command grab is pretty gd but I generally dislike slow characters.


x23 is great and does a ton of damage with proper assists (she hits like a grown man). Most people prefer wolverine because he has easier combos and way more easily converts at super jump height.


lol, Gravity Squeeze, Ace Attorney


Is x- 23 / virgil / hawkeye a viable team?? Remember im just a noob without an arcade stick yet.


I don’t want to get into this argument, but x-23’s level 3 is unblockable and is unavoidable on incoming with the right assists and leads to a dead character. It is theoretically the best level 3 by far, especially when people perfect tac infinites. Gravity squeeze is great, but ace attourney requires too much setup and ends his super mode to even be considered close to as good as derp nap.

You don’t need an arcade stick to be good. That is a completely common misconception that is just flat out wrong. A stick won’t make you play better. It’s designed for people who cannot play pad since fighting games descended from the arcades. Stop posting in this thread. Ask this question in the x-23 forum in the general character thread or team construction thread, assuming there is one.


Goddamn. Do you even know what 23’s lvl3 does?


I personally think Hawkeye’s level 3 is the best in the game because Yellow Jacket comes out and shows you what’s what.

EDIT: Oh wait not the point of this thread.


She has a lot of holes and faults in her game unlike some of the upper tiers, but with the right assist and smart play she can be lethal.


If you’ve got decent assists backing her up ( Virgil’s Rapid Slash, Hawkeye’s Triple Arrow) you could do some decent mix-ups. Combo-wise, they just require some execution but other than that, she’s a decent character. I’d use her, but I just found out of how wonderful She-Hulk fits into one of my other teams.


I played this guy with Ryu/X-23/Wesker. X23 with Wesker is crazy good.


yea i run a x-23, wesker combo… gunshot assist + charged neck slice for a relaunch is godly


She’s not a bad character by any means, she’s just pretty difficult to use properly and doesn’t always give you a good return on your efforts the same way similar characters like Viper and Magneto would. As for Nemesis, his problem is that he’s sort of a one-trick pony and after month 1 I don’t think anyone will be hit by his tricks.


She’s not bad…but she’s not good.

Zero, Wesker, Felicia do what she can do. But way better. The only thing she has over them is Silent Kill. But even then that’s a lil bit gimmicky IMO.


I think she has better mixups than Wesker and Felicia, but they get a lot more damage from theirs and theirs are much easier to execute. Not sure if I’d call Silent Kill gimmicky either since it’s so easy to set up an inescapable one in Ultimate but there are definitely a lot of players who use it like a gimmick and get beat down for it. If your X-23 gameplan revolves around Silent Kill then you’re probably not going to do very well with her, but if it doesn’t then it’s a huge asset to her other tools.


I’d say X23 is more designed to be a reset character than mixups, though both are still amazingly strong when backed up with the right assist. One thing about this character though is that she’s heavily assist reliant in a way. Characters like Zero, Wesker, having a good assist for them is like a bonus to what they are already capable of. But, X23 needs certain assists to plug in the major holes in her game and make life easier for her. Viper has similar execution but rewards you more with the right assist for her (Vajra, HM, etc)


Man, haven’t posted here in a while. :frowning:

I think X-23’s resets and mix-ups go hand in hand. You combine them together with assist chaining(see Deviljin’s video) to create a seamless offence. You need specific assists for it though. Pressure with blockstring’s also a big part of X-23’s offence, if done correctly, it conditions the opponent to be scared of pressing anything and going for more elaborate mix-ups backed up with assists.

I truly believe X-23’s A-tier. Very good offence and groundmovement, powerful mix-ups and capable of strong damage. Silent Kill is the most devastating level 3 in the game due to its properties. She’s just very assist dependent and requires the player to have a strong sense of offence and movement, plus her faults as a char.


She is bad. :x


I strongly disagree with X-23 being bad, for a lot more reasons than I’ve posted above. I really think people should stick with the char, pick the right assists and teammates for the char and plunge into all of her advanced options that don’t see much use, but really should.You can’t half-arse X-23(not aimed at anyone in particular, just a general statement.)

Not trying to stoke the fire here, but I really don’t believe this char’s anywhere near as bad/mediocre as people think. She does have a bad time against most(if not all) of the top tiers, which is why proper team building and assists are crucial for her.