X-23 resets and mixups

Same, pretty much. Looking forward to x-23 being reminiscent of reset style CT bang. Except sexier.

CT bang on crack maybe.

I really lost interest in BB after CS was released anyway, i loved the game when it was CT. I’ve always been a mvc2 player anyway, its my roots.

Just realized I posted this in the combo thread by accident. But its probably useful there too.

Heres a pretty easy reset for X23 I came up with. The more I play X-23 the more Im convinced doing these long combo strings are useless. She does alot more damage on resets and mixups than these hard to execute combo strings ( Im an Online Player ). So Im going to start basing my game around resets and mixups.

Also not trying to end with a Super as I think it stops her momentum. She’ll be my Battery persay. Building up meter for her Lvl 3 and using her Weapon X super as a counter since it pretty much runs through EVERYTHING. But here goes the video and Inputs.

I didnt hve the Atk Data on but It does about 50% damage on Sentinel off one reset. Which Im assuming is around 600kish range. Correct me if Im wrong

:l::m::h: (:h: Mirage Feint), j.:m: j.:s:, :l::m::h: xx Neck Slicer, Dash , :l::m::h: (:h: Mirage Feint ), j.:m: j.:s:, :l::m::h::s: jc :m::m::h: ( :l: Talon Attack )


It’s tough for me to comment as most of my resets are based on my hsienko assist.

Need good ways to set up her special grab (:qcf:+:h:). After the fact I have decent follow-ups, but catching people is hard for me.

I’m finding down C to be my favorite move. It counters any rushing low attacks and has no recovery time. I use Wesker’s low assist and jump to do down C. People see you jump so they block high letting Wesker hit them. Then you fall on them for a 2 hit combo and hitstun that lets you start whatever combo you want.

I found a tricky cross-under with her. :l:, :m:, :h: xx :h: Mirage Feint, :m:, :m:, Delayed :d::h:, Dash, Cr. :l:, Etc.

I like. I’ll be using this very much so!

During XFactor, after any uppercut you can dash to cross under, or wavedash to come back to same side.
Works really well after H uppercut because the camera follows them into the air to add to the ambiguity.

edit -
This seems to be a pretty much universal thing to do with characters that can wavedash, but I was messing around and found a kind of feintdash, could be useful.
She starts a back dash, and then during hte start up of it she automatically cancels into a front dash
Basically you do :b: then a slight delay before you do the :2p: dash input. If you get a back dash tyou’re too fast with the dash input, and vice versa if you’re gettign a normal dash, you’re not inputting fast enough.

not sure about team specifics but i think neck slicer against airborne opponents opens up throw reset ex mission mode i think its st.l st.m st.h cr.h neck slicer can get you an air throw if you guess right on their air recover you just need an assist to set up an airborne neck slice or cr.hk/st.hk

after i do my magic series into :s: and do her air combos then otg off the ground, instead of doing the hyper I let them roll and charge the command grab for a nice dirty reset. what u think?

Kaylx triaD

I’m having moderate success with two resets into C slicer.

One is after a feint loop (ABC xx C Feint, jBS) you stop with the following A of the second loop and cancel it into the C slicer. Depending on where you are on the stage and how high your opp is when you hit them with A you might have to charge the C slicer for a brief moment so it connects as they land.

The other way I use it is in place of an ankle slice otg (like after an A talon knockdown). It has to be delayed slightly so your opp is up when it connects. I’ve been punished a few times going for this one because it’s kind of obvious if your opp is paying attention since you’re not doing the otg right away like normal.

It works, and I use this one too, but I wouldn’t use it maybe more than once or twice on the same person.

That being said, what I’m working with is a setup in the corner after rage trigger. You can do QCFC while they’re falling down from the super and what will happen is if they neutral tech or tech backwards and don’t hit a button, the command grab can catch them. If they tech forward, it’ll auto correct into Mirage Feint H which I believe you can probably cancel and then dash under them while they’re still in the air (I haven’t tried the second part but I believe you’ve got enough time to do it.)


Shit I figured out on day one just now posting. Goofy bitcx.

oh man, i totally did forget about that :o

I like to do an instant air D+H straight into her command grab. The hit-stun on her D+H recovers fairly quickly (which makes comboing into a low A somewhat tricky online), but it’s great to set up for her command grab.
I also like to throw out an invincible assist that scares opponents into blocking or stopping them from pressing anything (hsienko / haggar), and I go for the throw. Or you can even call an assist, QCB+M then QCF+H. Most people will be too busy trying to block the right way when you cross up with an assist out.

I have complete video of option select resets that give her pressure if the resets dont work. I’ll post it after I’m back from Final Round, I normally don’t hold tricks up my sleeve, but, this one thing is too damn good.

Here is a nice reset with X-23 L-M-H neck slice(QCF L) dash under then hit low or high