X-Arcade (2P)-stick mod-question


i were thinking of modding my 2player X-Arcade stick. my first question was about the joysticks itself;

1)a friend told me once that i can buy a “happ competition stick (bat)” and it will fit perfectly into the x-arcade…thing is that i actually dont want any “bat” sticks, but a ball one… so if i wanted to buy, say a good seimitsu/sanwa/hori (if any of those would actually fit inside an x-arcade?) which one should i buy? should be a ball stick, mechanical 4ways…is it possible?

2)not sure im gonna switch out the buttons for now, but my 2nd question is, if i were to switch them out, would any model of sanwa/hori/seitmisu buttons fit into it? which type of button if so?

thanks! 8)

  1. I’ve seen some X Arcades with Sanwa JLW sticks which are available with ball tops, so those should fit. I know Happ made a stick with a ball top but can’t seem to find anyplace that sells them.

  2. If you’re going to get new buttons, go with Happ/IL competitions. Japanese 30mm buttons are slightly wider and would require a lot more work widening the holes in the control panel for them to fit.