X-arcade and 3s

I’m thinking of purchasing an X-Arcade solo. I was wondering if it’s good with 3s. Like are there any lag in between the buttons and the game.

Thank you.

for what console?

For PS2, prob better off Hori Real Arcade Pro

Yea, for the ps2.

I have an x-arcade but I did swap the stick for a comp stick and changed the buttons to convex. It’s not bad but I play 3s with the stick I bought from dreaded fist it’s a 360 and I like it much more.

X-arcade expensive and the stick it comes with is crap and so are the buttons so it will cost you another 30 to swap every thing get a custom stick from this forum from one of the guys that makes sticks. DF was my choice and I am really happy with both my sticks and it’s been over a year since I got them.

I see thanks for the info…I want it pretty much for the life time warrant offer.

Well, like the other guys said, you’ll probably end up changing the components to this stick anyhows which will surely void the warranty right?

How about this stick?


Yea I know it’s SVC Chaos, but it seems cheap.

that one is really good, my friend just recently bought it, its 8way, it has a spring in it, so it feels kinda hard in the beginning, but just play alot on it, or when youre watching the tv take your stick and keep spinning the stick, stuff like that, its a really good stick, believe me, its like the DC ascii stick, almost identical

It won’t void the warranty since you will keep all the old parts for it. if some thing breaks stick back all the parts. Takes like 15 minutes to get stick and buttons back in. Ok maybe 20 minutes :clap:

never heard of it or seen it, do you have a link to a pic of this stick?

i have the agetec arcade stick that looks like the japan style arcade setup…how does the ascii stick match up to the agetec?

for some reason i can never activate the supers on the x-arcade setup :crybaby:


its this one, that dc stick is good aswell, but its hard to find i do know a place, but are you gonna come to holland? :wink:

anyway, the design is also the same, etc etc. it is kinda hevay though

looks like a Hori imposter, how does it compare in price with Hori’s?

i’ve seen a huge Hori stick on lik-sang.com that sells for about 80, or for about 50 for the ones with artwork…damn it i need a stick for the ps2!!!