X-Arcade Arcade Joystick? Good or Bad?


I was looking to get my first arcade stick and I have heard good things from Kotaku and IGN about this one. X-Arcade Solo Arcade Joystick (Limited Availability) But i wanted the opinion of the biggest fighting game site I know about. So what is the communities opinion on this? Could I get a better one for less money? Is it actually as good as they say it is? I don’t want to buy my first arcade stick in the dark but I also can’t shell out a lot of cash right now unfortunately. So I would appreciate your guys help.

The X-Arcade arcade controllers thread

It is okay. The arcade parts are clones of Happ Parts. I would replace the Joystick with a iL Eurostick and buttons with Happ Buttons. Older versions of the circuit board where laggy, but it has been said that the new ones are improved. The worst thing about the stick is the placement of two buttons on the bottom left.

For the money it is probably the best you are going to get for an American parts style stick. I would probably suggest the Street Fighter Anniversary Stick for ps2 over this. You did not mention what system you where going to play with though.


Oh wow you are right I didn’t mention that. Big mistake on my part. I would like one that can play on PS3 and 360 and even on PS2 if necessary. Bascially a cross platform stick. Anybody know where I can get a good quality one without having to pay over 200?


Wait… so after what seemed like an ETERNITY of mediocrity, they finally bothered to upgrade their PCBs with something worth a damn? It no longer lags on consoles?

This has been the main reason to avoid getting one. As far as american sticks go, the Solo case is pretty nice, and the KO happ concave buttons are decent. Only the stick really needs replacing with an IL comp(or other good euro stick) & button layout corrected.


The one you mentioned do you have a link for it? Keep in mind this is my first fight stick and I probably don’t want to do a whole lot to it just because I would have no idea what I am doing.


That stick is what would be referred to as a “Fixer upper” similar to a really cheap house that you have to pour a lot of time into. The buttons are a knockoff of Happ, the stick is a knockoff of happ, the button layout makes absolutely no sense (the bottom 2 buttons would fuck up anything you’d be doing) so you’d have to plug up some holes, and it only works on the PC without expensive adapters that will lag your stick to shit anyway. It’s only really worth buying for the case itself to completely redo, and that’s a pretty hefty price for $100. The only reason somebody would recommend this stick is if they were paid to do so (IGN), or if they refuse to learn on japanese parts and only want to play on american AND want to drop $100 for a case and another $100 in parts to make is useable.

If you’re new to sticks, just go with a madcatz TE for $150 (wait for them to go on deals around major tournaments, anywhere from $100 - $125) and you can use a professional quality stick out of the box that 90% of the community uses. If you want to go something cheaper, the Madcatz SE is a starter stick that will run you much less but has a bit less quality in the buttons and stick that you won’t really notice until you’re a veteran


I might be a little lazy for doing this but where could I get one of these sticks online for the price range u are saying? Like I said I am brand new when it comes to fight sticks so where could I get a Madcatz TE online without dealing with the expensive shipping and such? If I could buy if from someone that would be great too.


If you live in the US, Amazon.com is how I avoid both shipping and tax for TE or high end Hori sticks. Though some states are still forced to pay taxes.

Amazon.com: madcatz TE


Are most of these fightsticks multiplatform? Because i play MvC3 and SSF4 on my 360 but when my roomates want to play MvC3 they usually want to play the PS3 and I am buying Mortal Kombat 9 for the PS3 too.


If you can wait, get a Qanba Q4 RAF – it’s dual-compatible with PS3 & 360.

Or get Madcatz WWE Brawl sticks (1 per system)


Would it better more expensive to get the Qanba Q4 RAF or just to get the MadCatz TE Round 2 arcade stick and install an PS360 PCB? What would people recommend?


Don’t install a PS360.
TE Kitty from Toodles or TEasy Strike from phreakazoid187 is better.


You won’t find an easy out of the box multiplatform controller, because the console makers won’t license something to be on a competitors system. Xbox has crazy rules like the XABY buttons have to be the corresponding colors and stuff like that. The only people that are making dual controllers out of the box have found a way to get around needing microsofts chip by cracking the protection scheme.

Even the stick you’re talking about getting, is just a PC stick that you can buy a 30-40 dollar adapter to use on it to make it go to another system, the problem is these typically add a frame or two of lag due to processing, so unless you’re careful with which one you use, you’ll feel sluggish when playing.

If you want one to be dual console, you have to get your hands dirty and solder; the TE Kitty from Toodles goes great into a 360 TE stick and makes it work on both consoles, but you’ve already said you dont want to have to muck around with it because you don’t know what you are doing. You can pull off the Dual Kitty dual mod easily without needing solder, but just be warned if you mess up something it’ll be pretty hard to get it fixed without paying somebody in your area a lot of money.

Qanba I don’t know much about, the only designs I’ve seen have the start button on the face right next to the buttons so that’d turn me off, but I’m not sure if they’re all like that; I also don’t know pricewise how they run

But they’re both miles ahead of the stick you’re looking at.


The more features you want, like quality durable parts, multi platform, the more you have to spend, and most likely more modding involved.

With an arcade stick you really do get what you pay for.


I figured out that both those sticks are way better than this one but I didn’t want to make a new thread. Also if someone gave me step by step instructions on how to install the TE Kitty I could definitely buy a Madcatz TE Arcade Stick and put in the TE Kitty myself. I just wouldn’t be able to figure it out myself and probably would break it. I would just need instructions how to do it and I would be really satisfied with the end result.


There already are instructions on how to install the TE Kitty.
Are you saying that you need a different one?


No not really more like I don’t know where they are. i will look around the forums or search online. I am sure I will find something fast. Yeah found the Kitty installation process. I will probably still be nervous when I actually try and use it but I feel confident for now.


Oh, ok.

TE Kitty only works on non-TE “S” models right now.
I saw that you ask about the BlazBlue TE.
Unfortunately, that uses TE “S” PCB.

The current TE Kitty only works with non-TE “S” TE:
Original TE
Round 2 TE
Comic-Con TE
Femme Fatale TE
Marvel vs. Capcom TE
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 TE
Mad Catz non-Game Licensed TE

Kitty Thread with instructions for TE Kitty.

TEasy Strike is another super easy way to Dual Mod a TE.

There is TEasy Strike for regular TE.
There is TEasy Strike S for TE “S”.

It seems only TEasy Strike S is in stock right now.


Alright thanks soooo much for your help! I should be able to get one of the Arcade Sticks you listed and I could use the TE Kitty. Also if its not too much trouble what sticks would be considered TE “S”? And also last thing. I see people posting art for the TE arcade sticks. Does that mean I can print out my own art and swap it once I get a stick?


I had one of the first ones, two-player stick, ps1-2,xbox,Gamecube, and PC adaptors. Nice Build Quality but some of my adapters weren’t working. Support at the time was bad, but this was about 10 years ago. Currently I’m using a Hori Real Arcade Pro (PS3) modded w/ Sanwa buttons and an octo-gate for the stick. I love it!