X-Arcade Control Panel + JPN Parts

Basically, a friend and I want to get a Dual X-Arcade control Panel and mod it half Happ and half japanese. So i figure the happ parts will be no problem but someone told me the japanese ones might because of the size. I think i will need

Happ Stuffs (buttons joystick)
Sanwa/Seimetsu Stuffs
2 Ps1 Dualshock controllers
Dremel maybe
And the control panel

Has anyone ever tried this? Or for those whove bought the single panel and modded it with sanwa/seimetsu how did that go?


joystick JLW-UM-8 or euro/US version JLW-TM-8
pushbutton iL convex PSL/CV or PSL-L/CV sanwa/seimitsu not fit

Yeah, you’ll need to make the holes for the sanwa buttons 30mm or a little bigger. in addtion to that, you should probably dremmel out about a 50mm diameter around the button hole underneath, so you have a more shallow lip for the sanwa button to grab on to if you are using snap-ins, or make it shallow enough that the screw in will catch.

If you make the hole a snug fit, you may be able to just push a snap in button into place, but over time it will get loose.

I think the Gremlin Solutions ebay store sells sanwa modded X-Arcade sticks, so you may want to check those out to see exactly what parts they use.

Edit: I found this

Yeah i saw that they were making mods of it I think I’ll email them about it. But basically i was going to get screw ins because snap ons are generally for metal sticks.
What jap parts i had wanted to order were the
Seimetsu LS-32 and Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons

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I have a blank X-arcade dual panel, and I’d like to put in all Happ parts, except for the sticks.

The slot for the sticks is the perfect size for a Happ Competition Stick (I tested). Also, it is routed out so that it is about a quarter of an inch thick. Will a JLW fit into the slot without any cutting? Does the thickness of .25 inches (or 6.35 mm) allow for enough room on top?

The same reason people say Viets. And because Japanese or Sanwa/Seimetsu is too long. General = Japanese = Jap for short. No offence intended.

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Good luck on the mod, I haven’t actually done it myself, but it seems like the case to the x-arcade is made of low grade MDF or something, so you might not want to route/dremmel too thin. But if you don’t, it may be tough getting those screw ins in there.

Well if i knew how to make a box out of MDF (Gets ready for someone to point out the essentials thread) i would be doing that instead. So $30 for a Dual X-Arcade for me and a friend are fine for now

I just put the Happ comp buttons in mine… I was just testing it so like an idiot i ordered 6 and not 8 (i am leaving teh side and start buttons). I am waiting on a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Ball Handle Joystick, if it does not fit ill get a Happ stick and then use teh Sanwa to create my own stick.

Does anyone know if the Sanwa JLF-TP-8T is a stright swap over with the crappy X-Arcade ???

Also the holes are alittle to small for teh sanwa 30mm buttons, I tested this, I was going to make them bigger but being lazy is a bitch, so ill save them for my custom

Nope. I did that mod on my X-Arcade, and it needs some work.

This is a Seimitsu (not mine), but same applies to the Sanwa JLF. You need a Dremel or something to make it fit.