X-Arcade DIY Kit

I bought already Happs Competition stick & buttons to put inside my empty arcade cabinet…Im planning to put my game consoles inside…

I stumble into this X-arcade DIY kit & was wondering if this is any good? I’m planning to buy the xbox, ps2, dreamcast, & gamecube adapters…

Please comment if you have personal experience using this product…Im mostly going to be playing my xbox that has emulators installed…

Trash. Get the Universal PCB instead. Seriously.

If not, get some PSX controllers and look at the adapters thread. Their control boxes are nice, but they’re just re-fitted Hot Rods with an extra button hole. Might as well just get a Hot Rod. Costs less and has the same quality.

That said…yeah. :slight_smile:

For the positives, the X-Arcade DIY kit is pretty easy to put together…and actually that’s it.

It is pretty well known that their PCB sucks. If you use is purely for old-school MAME games then it’s not that bad, but for anything else it is awful. You will get lag on all of those adapters, especially the XBox one which is the one you will be using the most. X-Arcade themselves acknowledge that their XBox adapters lag.

Now is this hearsay or have actually experience these? Seems like a mix reviews by people either content or felt it was cheaply made…i’m mostly worried about the lag as this seems like a cheapest & easiest way for me to hook this up to my cabinet…

I have one of these, I’ve got the new ones and the old PCBs. I think they are great for Mame/PC use, no doubt, but what is being said about the lag is absolutely true. X-arcade is great for emulation, but don’t bother with the console adapters. I don’t think most fighting game fans here would really want to limit themselves like that.

I ended up putting Happ parts and a PSX pcb in my stick, and now I love it.

I bought X-Arcade Byo-kit and adpter PlayStation 1 & 2. I’m confus wires look mess. :confused: I fixed it because lot of shit wires with clip strip papers. :annoy:

sometime, not enough long wire to buttons plug hole. :wasted: I work of lot time. :sweat: Finally, I’m work succsseful on my monster joystick. :wgrin:

My opinion about X-Arcade Byo-kit PCB


  • faster connector
  • easy work


  • not enough long wire
  • messing wires

Was there lag?

Dont think the cons are really x-arcades fault. If the wires are too short buy a spindle from radioshack for like 3 bucks. And the messy wiring… thats all the installer’s fault…

like everyone said, x-arcade is good for mame and thats it. for other systems i would greatly recommend a sony ps1 dual shock controller with adapters.

The DIY PCB is $60 plus shipping. You can get 2 official Sony PCB’s prehacked for less from Chippermonky. The blank 2-player panel is pretty nice for $30 shipped though. I got one but those cheap bastards didn’t even include any screws with it.