X-arcade Dual fight stick issue

I’ve searched using the search tool to try to find any related topics and found none so dont flame me if this is has been asked several times.
Since the PSN update my x-arcade adapter doesnt work anymore, thus forcing me to get the 2in1 adapter if i want to use it. I’m wondering is theres anyway to get around this without any heavy modifications. I have this adapter -> http://oi54.tinypic.com/o6icub.jpg
Not sure which it is since my friend bought it.
I dont care if the stick sucks, i dont care if you think i should get a new one. Just tell me if i can and how to make this fight stick work with the current adapter I have on my PS3.(I’ve tried start+select, select + up, and it is in Mode1)


Sony periodically blocks PS2>PS3 adapters in firmware updates. I just confirmed that my 2-in-1 still works fine with the latest firmware update. Probably your best option at this point is to either buy the new 2-in-1 from X-Arcade, or (preferably) snag one of these guys http://etokki.com/iNPiN-PS2-to-PS3-Converter

I say preferably because you can use it with more than just the X-Arcade.