X-Arcade Dual Joystick Mod with IL Parts

I know there are several threads on this, but none really answered my question:

I want to know if I can order IL parts and simply replace the terrible X-Arcade parts without drilling and re-wiring.

All of the mod discussions I have read mention using a dremel tool to widen the joystick hole or or button holes (for a Happ competition stick or sanwa buttons).

I just want a slight, easy to install upgrade, as this is not main stick and I only use it for casually playing on retro systems.

Yes iL joysticks and buttons will swap right in without any issue.

I recommend you get a button wrench to help with the install too. Spare yourself some bloody knuckles.

Lastly we have an existing thread for quick hitting questions like this here:

Thanks, man! Just what I needed!