X-arcade dual pcb's with xbox 360?

i got my x arcade and i love it. but i think it sucks that MS wont allow xgaming to make an adapter.

anyways i have made dual pcb arcade sticks before
and i wanted to know if it was safe to try it with my x arcade.

cause i dont want to lose the freedome i have with the x arcade

but i want to be able to use my stick for sf4.

any words of advice?

is the x-arcade pcb common ground? If so, you should be able to hook it up to a Madcatz Retro or other common ground something or other. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with the x-arcade’s pcb being “two” controllers; just hook it up to the one side’s buttons. Also, if the buttons are soldered to the pcb it might be hard to hook it up without replacing the parts or moving the pcb (if the buttons are plunger-type hitting the contact on the pcb, good luck). If it’s not common ground, you’re probably gonna have to choose one or the other.

i am not sure but i have one of the older xarcade sticks.
does that help?

would you like me to get a picture?
cause i dont want to risk damaging it.

X-arcades are common ground. All the buttons (chinese Happ knock-offs) are wired up with quick disconnects to a PCB (which is apparently like a mini programmable keyboard PCB). Apparently the adapters lag (I never noticed it with Dreamcast, but YMMV) anyway so I guess it’s good they don’t make a 360 adapter. You are probably going to have to do a lot of wiring though if you actually want to put both PCBs in there instead of just using an xbox 360 one though. HOWEVER! If you only use it for 360 and PC you can rip out the xarcade PCB altogether as 360 controllers are recognized by most PCs. Probably have to remap the buttons in MAME though.

my only issue is that i wont be able to use it on my xbox 1 anymore ig i rip out the pcb .
it would be easy if i didnt want to lose that feature and i have a ps2 adapter also.

and yes i found that it is common grounded.

as for writing i dont care about that
cause i have dont this before.
just afraid for my x arcade pcb.

so the answer is i can make it dual pcb?

Well, if thirteen is right, you’re in luck. Since it’s common ground, it shouldn’t be a problem, and it could be done with minimal soldering to the x-arcade pcb. Connect each button line to the 360 pcb, and then connect the ground from one of the buttons to the 360 pcb. The only thing you’ll need to solder to the x-arcade board is a power line to connect to the 360 power. You will need 1 pcb for each side you plan on wiring. You should be able to just stick another wire in each quick disconnect, but there’s probably a plastic sleeving in the way. If you can’t get around that, buy new disconnects (10 cents each on Lizardlick), or just solder to the pcb.

You could also try a terminal strip if you have enough slack in the wires.

thanks trying to get the mad catz retro stick now. and since this is common ground i will just end up doing quick work.
also the normal 360 controller is complicated huh? sad cause i have like 2 of them and i wanted to gut it now.