X arcade hel plz

anyone own a xarcade dual joystick
is it true when playin on pc it lags?

X-arcade PCBs do lag bad on consoles. I’ve heard they at least do well on Pc use though. Perhaps not.

how does that help me

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Your first mistake was having an X-arcade to begin with. To the uninformed they may look like nice sticks, and they are somewhat, but the crappy PCB ruins everything.

It does not matter how good a stick is, if the PCB inside interfacing everything does not do its job.

You have two options:

#1- Buy two pre-hacked/wired PSOne PCBs from someone on here, pull out the crappy X-arcade one, and put it in. Pretty darn easy IMO(just opening up the stick and connecting everything).

#2- buy another stick. Should be a quality custom one, such as those going around in the trading forum. You can probably sell the x-arcade afterwards on e-bay.

Yeah, all in all, x arcade blows. Even the parts suck, happ knock offs. (well unless that has changed, but they used to use shit buttons, missed inputs, etc)

X-arcade works fine on PC without lag. People hating on X-arcades have probably never used one. With Replacement iL parts they make excellent American style sticks for a Mame box. Don’t listen to all the FUD.

Their cases are great, and the KO happ parts are sorta decent. The main reason why X-arcades perform so lousy is the PCB.

Its just got to go, and be replaced with something better.

And ofcourse you might as well replace the KO parts with IL while you’re at it. In the end, you end up creating a custom happ stick, with the only stock X-arcade part being the case!!

Just buy a better quality stick from the get-go and be done with it.

I still say the parts they use are decent, especially the Ko buttons/ko cherry switches. When it comes to that PCB though, it does not matter what you use, you’re going to be experiencing many missed inputs no matter what.

To clarify for those who don’t know, it’s the “old” adapter PCB’s that lagged. The built in PC PCB is fine, just replace the buttons/joystick. The “new” adapter PCB’s are much improved and being one of their BETA testers and talking with X-arcade directly they are aware of issues and are fixing them.

When I actually feel like wasting money on Virtua Fighter 5, I plan to do a lag test. As an aside and seriously no insult to your Virtua Fighter fans, but I hate the game on every level.

Lol, you can get VF5 dirt cheap. I saw several copies in near mint condition at a pawn shop nearby for just $10 on PS3.

The X-arcade PCB is fine when connected with the PS/2 connector, it’s awfully laggy with an USB adaptor ! In short, the X-arcade is a thing of the past (works well with old motherboards for basic mamecabs though)

And yes, I was at one time an X-arcade owner…

Yeah I know and I still don’t want to own it.

Hi guys. First post here.

Hmm. Speedsterharry, I dont know what you experienced and in what program you experienced it, but I just recently got a dual xarcade and I experienced the exact same thing. I got quite a bit angry about it as well, as the ps/2 connection would be very awkward to use in my case.

However, this turned out to somehow be caused by mame’s settings, more specifically having either 1) “triple buffering”, 2) “vertical sync” or 3) “sync to monitor refresh” on. Even before I got the xarcade I noticed some input lag with these settings, a not too unknown phenomenon.

If you use the usb adaptor, you get keyboard repeat (when you hold a button, it will repeat letters), while if you use the ps/2, it will only type one letter. I think that the repeat rate combined with the usb connection makes this input lag buffer up the keystrokes which leads to hopeless functionality while gaming. I was very confused about the fact that the ps/2 worked “ok” (probably with some lag though) so I instantly blamed the usb of the xarcade. Now, having turned off all three above mentioned settings everything is a ok.

Oh, and as a footnote. I think the xarcade bashing is a bit over the top nowadays. I havent had a single problem with using it on my ps2, wii or pc (apart from mame, until I realized the above facts). Like said, I think that these adapters have improved considerably from what I have read. Hammering the buttons as fast as I can in the training section of Virtua fighter 4 evolution on the ps2, I usually get 2 frames of “lag”, as showed in the input display.

We europeans do generally not have the same amount of options like US citizens when it comes to controllers, meaning that we would have to pay quit a bit in customs to import controllers. Especially if we are to order two of them. I therefore took my chances with the dual xarcades because this turned out to be much more cost effective and versatile for my use. The alternative would be to build a controller from scratch, but not having owned an arcade stick before this would be really disencouraging to do without something to look at first. Now, the only thing I didnt like about the xarcades are the diagonals, but this should be improved when I recieve my two new il eurosticks in a few weeks.

And for all of you who have not tried a recent xarcade (with adapters) and have only “heard” about how bad the xarcades are, dont act like you KNOW that its like this and that because in fact you are just conveying rumors. Just say that you’ve heard it instead.

I’ve heard many a time that the X-Arcade is hell, but I’ve never heard anyone ask for any form of hell before!

They also mount the sticks way too high.

Perhaps this is because the designers also were way too high. :wonder:

“Huhuhuhh, but well have you even thought about what lag is? I mean, see, everything around me is lagging right now, maaannnn… so if this controller lags, doesn’t that make it like… closer to real life?”

I had two solo’s there sticks werent even dead center, it would be super close to one cherry switch and a decent amounts away from the other so ridiculous