X-arcade line of arcade sticks


has anyone tried out these sticks or own one? ive been contemplating gettting this stick mainly for the reason that it looks ridiculously easy to mod, i want to have at least one american stick to mess around with, and you can literally use it on every platform known to man.

unfortunately theres nothing on here surprisingly, although im sure the next post is gonna be someone showing me a thread that i completely missed lol

what are your thoughts on this stick? seems like it would be nice to have so you can practice on something thats closer to the american cabinets in arcades rather than bitching about how american sticks suck like i do lol…mortal kombat wouldnt be too bad on it either

The X-Arcade arcade controllers thread

Dont get the xa stick. Get a sfac stick, and mod that. Theres plenty of info on tt, if i had a computer to hand i would search and post a few links, but i just cant be bothered on my phone. sorry.


I played on one for a long time. They aren’t the greatest sticks, but it’s what Iearned to mod on. IF you can get a deal on it, go for it.


iirc, im sure you had it on your cab?


My very first attempt at a mame arcade, I used one. I’ve come a Loooong way from that and have an actual Dynamo cab now with real control panel.

The X-Arcade sticks aren’t great stock, but if you replace the buttons and sticks, they aren’t half bad. I Beta tested the last 5 in 1 adapter for them and they actually worked very well. Some people out there won’t agree, but it’s just my opinion that they can be made to be good sticks.


As far as american style goes, their cases are quite nice, and easy to put quality Happ competition parts into at a later date. Out of all the american sticks i’ve built before switching to Sanwa, my favorite was made with an X-arcade solo case.

The stock KO happ stick & buttons are decent also, and will probably serve the casual player well.

Mainly what drags X-Arcade down is their crappy PCBs, which is a shame as they’d otherwise be a respectable American alternative to today’s wide spread japanese sticks. Until they fix their PCBs though its just not worth it.

There was some talk a while back that the recent sticks have FINALLY been improved upon, but there just aren’t enough X-arcade owners around here to really confirm that.


I’m an owner, and I have had no problems with the new 5-in-1 or 2-in-1 adapters, and I’m using the stock PCB from 2002. I will however say that the stock sticks and buttons are junk. Total junk. You’re going to want to gut it and replace everything with IL (I’d recommend against current Happ) parts.


X-arcade is garbage. I rather find a Mas and replace the Pic with a real board, the the SF 15th anniversary stick or Arcade-in-a-box


X-Arcade doesn’t really market to the SRK demographic. It’s more people with MAME cabs who don’t know the difference between X-Arcade and quality.


I bought a Solo X-Arcade before in 2005, the stick and buttons aren’t good for fighting games, but do the job for basic arcade MAME games. I do like the design of Dual Tank stick for 2 players though, I even asked an X-Arcade sales rep if they were willing to sell me just the Dual Tank Stick arcade box empty without PCB, joysticks and buttons for a lower price, and they wouldn’t.


Same here. The boxes are great, and if you can easily put artwork on them.


so the general consensuses is that the stick and buttons are crap, but the build is ok for the case? i kinda figured that and its a shame they dont offer a “premium” edition with real parts, but its not like that would be hard to drop happ parts into them…i just want an american stick so i dont look like an idiot when i go to the arcades lol

so other than xarcade, sf2 anniversary, and AIAB, is that it for the selection of american sticks?


Mas stick: http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-arcade-sticks-by-mas-systems/list.htm


Chinsey parts is more forgivable in this day 'n age where you can order quality parts directly online but if I recall correctly (and maybe I don’t, as it has been a long time since I’ve looked into these), I vaguely remember hearing that they messed up on the hole drill layout too actually. It’s may not be an authentic Capcom U.S.A. button layout and I don’t actually recall ever reading about any other official American layouts they could’ve based their stick on. It really has no business calling itself an authentic arcade joystick if it doesn’t use an authentic arcade layout or parts in my humble opinion. It’s too expensive for a mass produced object to simply appreciate the effort and it’s not like that’s due to scarcity either.

Also, I don’t actually recall seeing an arcade control panel that was so roughly textured. Easily remediable with your own top art I suppose but meh.

Oh and I don’t recall how the main PCB performs but the adapters they sell for it are allegedly expensive and laggy. You’ll definitively want to gut it for use with an M.C. Cthulu if any of those are of an appeal to you.

Also, um, why would you want to bring your own joystick to an arcade? The very notion strikes me as being very similar to bringing your own table to a restaurant. They’ll already have their own, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a place to use it.


You are correct. The joystick hole is inline with the top row of buttons, rather than centered between the two rows (Capcom style). X-Arcade reports that this has been corrected on newer solo sticks, but no word on the others. (this is a side-effect of X-Arcade copying the old Hanaho Hot Rod stick rather than the Capcom layout. Hanaho screwed it up, so by proxy, X-Gaming did too)

I’ll second the MAS stick suggestion. Cheaper because it already has quality parts, and the artwork isn’t garbage. Buy a full-size one and never look back.


Third on the MAS sticks. Used one with Arcade Edition and have an easier time with Yun/Cody target combos. Plus they should work perfect with Gamecube/PS3 adapters.


so basically the consensus is that the box is good but the buttons are crap right? btw, is there ANY good american sticks out there?(leaving out personal opinions on american vs japanese parts of course) cuz ive heard the same thing about the sf2 anniversary stick and thats the one i really wanted cuz it looks awesome and it looks exactly how the american cabinets are set up…i wish they just made a stick with american buttons and a sanwa stick cuz i love the “snappy” feel of the happ buttons but im not a fan of the bat tops unless its for tekken or something, which ironically the only cabinet here that has full sanwa parts is the tekken 5 cabinet lol


Yes, the Mas sticks are excellent out of the box.

There’s always the custom case route. Here’s a Foe Hammer case with Happ buttons and a Seimitsu LS-32-01 http://www.flickr.com/photos/techmode/4939340281/in/photostream


Tornado Terry’s sells ball tops for iL competition sticks. I have a pair. They’re very nice. Make sure to get the wood version because the shaft will be too short otherwise. Also it needs to be iL. He specifically said they don’t fit Happ.



wow i think i might just go and do it myself with all that information…thanks guys!

im loving that site, im thinking of just buying the SF joystick set he has considering its only 50 bucks

and either i gotta find out how to make a case out of wood, have a friend help me out, or see if theres a project box big enough for one lol…maybe even just gut a mayflash or something

great info and sick pics…im gonna be doing hours and hours of research and lurking this flickr lol