X-Arcade Modd

I have a doble x-arcade, i really want to get rid of the crappy stick and buttons, bottons are no problem i think, but i dont know anything about the stick, is there a tutorial on how to modd a double x-arcade?

it shouldnt be too hard

if you take a picture of the inside, ill tell you exactly

What shoo says.

By taking a glance at the boxes those sticks are made with, I would imagine there is plenty of room for Happ compitetion parts. Hopefully the box was wired with quick disconnects. If so, you pretty much just pop out the old parts and reconnect the new ones. Happ buttons don’t require any hardware to install; the buttons have a second piece of plastic that screws in to hold them in from the bottom. The Happ sticks have four bolt holes to hold them in… by looking at the x-arcade site it seems like the bolts would line up perfectly.

The people at Happ were very helpful. I had my order in my hot little hands in less than a week.

i think x arcades use super sticks

which are ass btw

theyre the same fitting though

Mod is spelled with one d, FYI.

I modded an X-Arcade before. You’ll need Happ competition buttons and a Happ competition stick. The quick disconnects are easy to remove from the stock parts and can connect to the Happ parts easily. Just make sure you make a color map of how the wires connect to the stock stick before disassembling it. It will remove the guesswork of reconnecting the wires to the new stick later on.

wow ^^
thats ridiculously easy
lemme know if you need any help arthur

wow didn’t know was that simple, got scared with all the wires in there, i’ll order now my HAPP buttons and sticks and will keep updated

where are you ordering from?
dont go to www.happcontrols.com

yeah for happs, go to ponyboy in the training forum or Lizardlick.com.

Just out of curiousity, why not? I ordered direct and it came promptly.

Are there cheaper resellers or something?

yes there are

but the shipping cost is ridiculous through happ.com

what did you buy and how much did you pay?

They rape you in shipping. You only get reduction in the price of shipping if you order over $30 or so. Otherwise, ordering direct from them sucks.

i will buy this, looks good to me:

That must have been it. I ordered over $60 in parts (enough for two sticks).

I would suggest convex, not concave buttons.


I would suggest this instead. Yeah it’s the same thing but this guy will let you get all convex instead of concave. I’ve ordered from him 3 times and I always got my orders in really quickly (3 days max).

I’ve ordered from the other guy before, arcadeemulators, and had a pretty bad experience. He has pretty good feedback though so maybe I just got unlucky. But with the first guy you save 11 cents!

11 cents ftw :smiley:

w00t 11 cents!! and convex ftw!!