X-Arcade NEW 2in1 and 5in1 adapters released!

Thanks to all who participated in the 2in1 and 5in1 adapter beta testing. If you gave feedback you will automatically be invited into future beta tests. The 2in1 and 5in1 adapters are now available for sale: X-Arcade Adapters
They have been a huge success, the feedback has been nothing but positive regarding their speed and functionality.

If you own an X-Arcade controller (verification required) and are interested in beta testing upcoming adapters and parts for Xgaming, please fill out this form along with your current mailing address, SRK username (optional), and which systems you can test on: Contact Us

In not too long we will be looking for testers of a new Fighter Joystick (part). Soon after we will also need testers for an Xbox 360 adapter.

Thanks for the kind comments as well, rest assured that we want to make products that you guys want, no, prefer to use.


Do these lag?

Why make it Ps3 and original Xbox?

I’m pretty sure the point of having beta testers trial their products is to find out if they lag, amongst other things. It amazes me the level of questions you can find on SRK nowadays. I can’t imagine that these are the type of persons you want beta testing your products.

Anyway, best of luck finding some reliable testers. If I hadn’t just pulled my Solo apart to mod, I would offer.

Rampage, do you get any lag with your solo?

Mine never did but I recently switched to the dual stick unit and it’s very laggy at times.

They can’t make adapters for the 360 yet because Microsoft has not allowed them to.

The solo is great, the only issue I had was connecting it to my PS3 (lack of adapter). Even connected to my PS2 I didn’t have the adapter lag that I’ve heard people talk about quite a bit on here. (Was used for GGXX and SFIII, so input timing was a must)

The dual that I have is decent too (I don’t have the “tank stick” type, but the older model), but I have that dedicated to a MAME box. The only problem I’ve ever had with it was that one of the leaf switches wasn’t quite in place properly, but that was a quick fix.

That’s 5? :rofl:

I ask because the dual stick has lag on the ps3, like redeagle noted.

It’s a marketing 5. :wink:

Well said.

Our PS2 adapter has no lag, our Xbox adapters did have lag on Xbox Live many said.

We want to make our adapters perfect for you fighting game fans, so the more of you we have testing, the better our chances of delivering. Some of the best fighting game players are here, that’s why we came here looking for testers.

Thanks to all the responses so far.

Not sure how you guys feel about shipping beta products internationally (I’m based in the Cayman Islands), but I suppose I could pull down my Dual and give it a whirl if you’re still looking for more testers. (I’d love to be in for the PS3 adapter, so am more than willing to dedicate some time to the first of the beta products if it will help secure me a spot)

Considering almost all of my X-Arcade adapters have lag(PS2/Dreamcast/Xbox), I think it’s a valid question. And if you “pulled your Solo apart” I’m inclined to think you saw it as well. So I’m not sure why this question “amazes” you when their past products went through beta testing before and the issue still wasn’t fixed.

Also the OP didn’t mention that they would be addressing the lag issue knowing (especially SRK forums) we would ask the question.

Wow, a dense one. Let me tell you, I’m absolutely shocked that you’re an '09.

Let me spell this out for you:

This is a new product. They are looking for people to TEST this new product, to give FEEDBACK on it, so that they can hopefully RESOLVE any of the issues that are uncovered during the testing phase.

You’re not beta testing their old products here. What your experience has been prior to this is irrelevant, really. If anything, you would think that someone who has had an unfortunately poor experience would jump on an opportunity to try out something new from them, in hopes that it would resolve the issues that the old versions had.

Then again, that’s following a logical thought process, which could very well be beyond your grasp. Perhaps I should just have said, “WAKEUP SHORYUKEN WTF ULTRA WONT COMBO NERF SAGAT”

“If anything, you would think that someone who has had an unfortunately poor experience would jump on an opportunity to try out something new from them, in hopes that it would resolve the issues that the old versions had.”

That’s like a battered wife coming back to her husband because he promises he wont hit her again.

Enough with this 09 crap, your just upset because I’m right.:lol:

I would think the most important systems to work on are for PS3 and Xbox 360. Because if it works with PS3, it’ll also work for the PC.

Pm’d and E-Mailed

Sent an E-mail.

I feel your pain Rampage this dude is dense:wasted: I have no idea what he is saying?? testing is testing!! MadCatz has always been a shit company but some how they pulled off something decent with the TE stick. So yeah Maybe the adapter will be total shit but hell maybe just maybe they will fix that shit this time

I’m not sure if it matters much, but I think this is a very good outreach to community members. I would like to test, but I don’t have my X-Arcade readily available to me (storage).

Whoever does run it through the test, please make sure you test thoroughly and do actual data based lag tests! Hopefully this will pave the way for future converters and we can actually have more good converters out there not the small handful of good ones we have now.