X-Arcade parts

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the X-Arcade stick, but I haven’t been able to find a review of their parts. I am thinking of building my own case and using these parts http://www.x-arcade.com/arcade_bundle.shtml

My question is, does anybody have anything to say about the quality of these x-arcade components (good or bad), or is it just the design of their assembled unit that people have a problem with?

If I were you I would NOT buy that. If I remember correctly it is B-L parts in that and…no, do not buy it.

Thanks for the advice, TRNG.

I’m not sure I understand though. What are B-L parts, and why are they bad?

STAY AWAY! Seriously, you’re better off getting authentic Happ parts. Look for ponyboy’s Sanwa thread in the Trading Outlet subforum. He also sells Happ parts at a good price.

Do you know of anyone who’s built their own chassis and put them together from these parts? As jmuzz mentioned, most of the problems I’ve heard about them (aside from people not liking the concave buttons) is that there is input lag from the converters and that the whole thing weights like a tonne.

I keep hearing people saying to avoid their parts, but I still haven’t any compelling reason.

Obviously, there must be a reason why you can buy two whole sets for 29 bucks…but why?

B-L = Bao Lian:
You can test them but when you test japanese parts you know what to buy ^_^.

I would like to test out some different parts. The problem is I’m not a stick player yet, and I’m not even sure what I’d be looking for.

It would be helpful if somebody could tell me what sets the high quality components appart from the X-Arcade ones. Do they last longer? Do they react more quickly? Are the sticks tighter, less wiggly, or weighted differently?

Well, I can only speak for myself and I think japanese parts are the easiest to play with. They are small, very good built and high quality. And yes, you can play very fast with them even if you are not so used to sticks I think.
If I were you I would get Sanwa- or Seimitsu-parts, you will love them.

I sell them.
goleafsgoaz sells them: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=127731
Ponyboy sells Sanwa: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=116457
He does NOT sell them:

So do you guys know of anyone who’s had first hand experience from the part at X-Arcade? Honestly, I’m new to joysticks myself, and don’t have very many friends with experience except for one (non-competitive) gamer who has good reviews from the parts at X-Arcade. I’m just worried about the shipping costs to north america for the japanese parts.

Happ might be a valid alternative if you guys really think X-Arcade is that bad.

I got some review sticks and some parts. I could not get the PCBs to work without lag, and The Joysticks themselves don’t feel great. They do seem a lot better than the ‘Bao-Lian’ american style sticks I’ve played on, however. I remember someone on here talking about how X-arcade parts were made by IL, like happs? I dunno about that. but they don’t feel like the anniversary sticks. that nuby put out.

the buttons are OK, but the switches they come with are TERRIBLE. they aren’t responsive at all, and sometimes they stick, even new ones.

The guys at x-arcade were all super cool, and know about the Lag on consoles, but I don’t think they really are gonna do anything about it since they market their stuff mainly to the PC MAME enthusiasts.

Happ parts can be had for relatively cheap, I suggest you hit up Ponyboy in the trading outlet!

:slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the input!

I was planning on modding old PS2 controllers so that I could wire the buttons and the stick straight to the buttons and the analog stick of the controller; I figure this physical wiring could bypass any lag caused by the PCBs… I’ve done this before with different RC toys and computers and its really simple and fast to implement, a bit of solder and I’m good to go.

From what I hear, the X-Arcade parts are simple to do this with… Its all about effort vs cost vs performance for me…And without feedback like that, I don’t have much to go by. But honestly, for 29.95, two sets of buttons and sticks isn’t that bad and gives me some room for error on building it myself. However, that being said I want it to be high quality, and I’m thinking about EVO east coming up and lugging a home-made chassis around…shrugs Just so many variables. I’d just hate to spend a tonne of money on something that I didn’t use without trying it.

Here’s some roundups from guys who REALLY know about these things:

For about $15 more I got a set just like that from EBay which was all Happs. Putting Happ parts in is exactly the same as putting X-Arcade parts in, but Happ parts are just simply better. Since you are using a PS PCB and are just thinking about the stick and buttons there is no reason not to get the Happs. If you mess up the wiring job the most you would have to replace is probably just the microswitches which can be done cheaply.

I had an X-Arcade before and I can honestly say the best thing about them is the 30-day return policy. Using the stick I missed diaganols all the time and the buttons definately get stuck. Plus with Happs you can get convex buttons and for style purposes you don’t have to get everything in black. If you want high quality but don’t want Japanese parts then Happ is the way to go.

we dont have uterus’s but we can give birth to some sweet sticks

Wait, what does ‘affilliate’ mean, again?

Affiliate…in the business sense like having one company name or banner but with each individual part being responsible for it’s own destiny…generally anyway

And OP, take RealneoGeo’s advice, yeah you can get X-Arcade parts cheaper, but if you want the best, Happ or Sanwa stuff is much, much better quality. Happ stuff goes in easy to the X-Arcade cab, Japanese stuff I haven’t tried on it. I stripped out all of the X-Arcade PCB and just hacked one of those crappy Nuby Anniversary pads, fairly easy to do.

Few years ago I bought this X-Arcade bundle. It was my first order for arcade parts. Now I don’t use X-Arcade never more. Buttons have weak construction (weakest which I saw), joystick have too long travel.
If you think about fighting games buy Sanwa or Seimitsu parts.
From Happ parts I have only P360 joystick for shmups games then I can’t say about Happ parts nothing interesting.

Took your advice and ordered some Happ parts today. :smiley: Thanks everyone.