X-Arcade PC to 360 Controls


I have USF4 and trying to get it to work with my Tankstick, nicely.
I mapped to controls in the options but I still need to use to keyboard for some commands like enter and ESC in the options menu.

X-Arcade has this as a work around http://www.xgaming.com/support/questions/107/Street+Fighter+IV+%26+Super+Street+Fighter+IV%3A+AE+-+PC+Setup to make your PC think your joystick is a 360.

First off you have to unbind the keys, I didn’t know how to do this and a search came me across this topic PC: SSF4 AE - Unbind buttons Anyways when I unbind the controls I get a message saying something about nothing being assigned.

I found a topic about AutoHotKey not working, and wondering if this is why Xinput isn’t working either.

btw, the Tankstick and Xinput works with Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

Any help on the matter is appreciated.


My solution is more drastic. Gut all the electronics out of the tank stick and wire a PCB from a xbox 360 controller in.
The X-arcade PCB is terrible any ways


More options include zero delay pc encoders, mc cthulhu, or a ps360.


So in short, Xinput (to make the controller act like an Xbox 360 gamepad) doesn’t work with USF4?


There seems to be a misconception here on what XInput is. XInput is simply Microsoft’s protocol for making controllers work via DirectX. Every 360 peripheral work via XInput, this includes MadCatz TEs, Hori RAP.VXs, etc. It’s not some converter thing to make programs think that so-and-so controller is a 360 controller.

The reason people are telling to rip out X-Arcade PCB is because that PCB is, to be honest, garbage for a myriad of reasons. In fact, any X-Arcade stick is the last stick you’ll see anyone here recommend. Replacing it with something else, like a PS360+, Cthulhu, Zero Delay PCB, etc. would be a better solution.


The thing I’m talking about is. Its a 360 controller emulator theres a .dll and .ini file you place in your directory.
Believe its really called x360kb (going by the ini) x-arcade people have the zip named xinput.


That’s a different thing. It’s simply something that makes it think that it’s an XInput controller. And since it’s a, most likely, unlicensed implementation, then it’s expected that it wont work all the time.

But really, it’s an X-Arcade, the best thing you can do is dump the PCB.