X arcade ps3 pcb board mod


Hello all,

I have a quick question on my 2 player x arcade joystick. I wanted to mod my x arcade to use on my ps3 for 2 player support. I have been researching for a few weeks and i wanted to make sure I am buying the right parts and pcb boards before I check out.

My question is do I need 2 pcb Toodles Cthulhu board for PC/PS3? or do I just need one board for 2 player support?

Another question, which is better, happs or IL joystick? I prefer the bat stick…



Far as Cthulhu boards go, you need one board per set of Joystick and buttons.
Since you are using a 2 player X-arcade stick, you need 1 PCB per player, 2 overall.

Most people here on SRK will tell you IL makes higher quality parts than Happ. Happ parts was made by IL, then Happ broke free and moved there manufacturing to China, which afterward their quality realy started to drop. IL still use the same molds that was used back when Happs was good. Alternatively if you want the bat top but Happ or IL stick would not work for you, Sanwa makes a bat top and bat top adapter that fits on existing Sanwa and Seimitsu Joysticks. But that should be up to you what you use.