X-Arcade restarting dreamcast

My good 'ol x-arcade reboots my dreamcast at random, making it impossible for me to play Marvel!

Over the past few months it would happen at random, seldom at first and then more often as time went on. Now my Dreamcast gets rebooted any time my X-Arcade is plugged in.

It’s a 2 player x-arcade if that makes any difference.

In before ‘lol x-arcade’

Problem: Using an X-Arcade

Solution: Don’t EVER use X-Arcade

Seriously though, IDK what it is with X-Arcade, do they test their shit before they send it out!? They have the most problems with sticks than I have ever seen/ heard of. I remember the problem with attaching a P360 to them how you had to hold down a series of buttons to be able to play with it before every match :lame:. Funny though, never heard of this problem before. You’re better off selling that thing on Ebay and picking up a custom Happ stick for around $120-$150.

P.S.: I think your DC keeps restarting itself because it hopes that if it restarts maybe the pain from X-Arcade will go away.

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most likely a short in x-arcade pcb or adapter but sounds like pcb

No. SRK was already laughing at you before you even clicked New Thread.

In all seriousness, unless you’ve put iL/Happ parts in that thing, why are you even using it? The Xarcade adapters are pure shit. If you want the stick to be useful, put a PSX pcb in it with an adapter for the DC, or a DC pad, or something.

Those adapters are notorious for failing. I think my DC adapter lasted maybe 3 months. And I think it was still under warranty, but to hell with that lag.

When it restarts, does it take you to the DC start menu or reset the game? You might have something somewhere that causes the stick to fire all buttons at once, making it soft reset.

May I suggest fire?

I love how much X-arcade hate there is on here - and on the front page of the forum theres a huge ad for them.

I thought the X Arcade was fine on a pc running Mame. Other consoles? not so hot.

Why would it be fine on pc when it’s not on consoles ?
Duh… :sweat:

my cousin actually gave me his old X-arcade with dreamcast adapters, im looking forward to mod it by replacing it with either a PS/2 PCB or a dreamcast PCB along with happ parts and sawing off the wood, if theres a thread or guide in the internet please guide me for im stuck :confused:

It’s not as intimidating once you crack it open and start changing out parts.

Here’s a guide with pictures.


I recommend the IL Eurostick and Happ Competition buttons. They all fit on without cutting any part of the board. You can buy them from Lizardlick.

As for the PCB, hit the padhacking thread usually at the front page of Tech Talk for tons of info. This is much harder than the stick/buttons mod but I think its well worth it. The X-Arcade PCB is garbage. Here’s a real nice site for padhacking.


If you look around the site, it has loads of information on a lot of things arcades.

I’ve done 3 X-Arcade stick mods. 1 with PS1 Digital PCB, 1 with PS1 Dual Shock solder-less hack, and one with only the buttons/stick replaced. I’m also pretty bad when it comes to handyman kind of things. So if I can do it, anyone can. =)

The lag. Could just have been the stick I had, but using a DC adapter was terrible.

Thanks alot this really helped