X-Arcade stick: Why is it so bad again?

Please hear me out people. I’ve been around SRK for quite a while so i know how most feel about the X-Arcade, however i’ve always been a tad skeptical because it really does “look” like it would be a nice stick once modified. Also i’ve heard the same types bash the SF Anniversary stick, and the AC is awesome after the stock controls are replaced so…

Mainly i’m asking because a friend of mine is selling his X-Arcade Solo at a GOOD price, its still in excellent condition, and from what i’ve seen on the inside it would be laughably easy to install quality Happ IL stuff. I have not had the chance to actually test it on my PS2 yet, but that shouldn’t matter anyway since i’ll be replacing the KO controls as soon as possible.

So we know the stock controls are junk, but once its got Happ parts inside, what is the problem with it again? Is it perhaps the PCB?

I’d be using it mostly on PS2 fighters only w/some PC emued stuff on the side. Plus as a decent second player stick for friends when they come over.

<---- My current stick is a modified sfac by the way.

Shitty button layout, shitty stick placement relative to button layout, improper stick mounting height, and really fucking shitty pcb.

What exactly is a “good” price ?

had a tankstick for 2 years. If you replace the parts with happ it’s great if you like American layout. I found the PCB and the ps2 adaptor to work perfect and had no lag. I tested it against the hrap2 and a dualshock and I didn’t experience any lag or issues at all.

I agree that the button layout is kinda strange, but i’d only put in the main six for the face, and just put button plugs in the other three. I’d relocate the start button to the side also, so nothing would be in the way of the six.

The stick being a bit higher than the buttons does look odd too but its not that bad, and i might be able to get used to it quick. I’ve seen far worse configurations out there.

And how bad exactly are we talking with the PCB? Some bash the SF anniversary stick’s PCB too, but its only shortcoming is it lacks converter compatibility and won’t work on the PC. However for PS2/XBOX use, it is fairly solid(occasionally ‘disconnects’ for no reason, but not often thankfully).

X-arcade PCB converter compatibility and won’t some work on the PS2. I tried the shump game PS2. “Final R-type” is not compatibility on X-arcade PCB converter. Other fighting games is fine. that’s strange.

TG: You sound more tolerant of a bad pcb than most people on here. Occasionally disconnecting is a serious problem IMO since it would cost you the round in a tournament. I have a modified AE stick, but I’m just keeping it as a collection item and for a particular friend who likes to mash really, really hard.

Must be because R-type requires the dual-shock set-up that an arcade stick lacks. In that instance i wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with the stick.

I only use mine for fighters anyway, for shoot’em ups like 1945 & Metal Slug, its PS2 pad all the way.

My particular AC stick PCB does not disconnect that often. Maybe 2-3 times a month, which luckily was never during a match(usually practice mode or something is when it hiccups).

The only real gripe like i stated earlier: Its console only, however nearly all of my best fighters are on PS2 anyway. I figure if the X-Arcade PCB is at least 5% better+PC compatibility, then it might be worth it.

The PCB tends to lag depending on the version you get. The converters are also not good quality at all, atleast mine isn’t. And yeah, but joystick is mounted way too high. I didn’t really notice it, until I saw a properly mounted Competition stick, and there was a huge gap.

[quote=“True_Grave, post:8, topic:45896”]

Must be because R-type requires the dual-shock set-up that an arcade stick lacks. In that instance i wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with the stick.

I only use mine for fighters anyway, for shoot’em ups like 1945 & Metal Slug, its PS2 pad all the way.


Oh…now I understand. other I modded converter PSone pcb into small black box port to PS2. It’s fine working.
My favourite “Final R-type” is the shump 3D game on PS2.

Thank, True Grave.

Mostly the problems I’ve had are with the PCB. I can deal with the mediocre stick, but there really isn’t any reason to keep any of the stock parts. The guys that make them are super nice, it’s just that most of us here have had bad experiences with the product.

I’ve had a somewhat positive experience. The only thing is that it’s not very accurate so if you’re a casual gamer the x-arcade isn’t TOO bad but if you want to go a little more serious and don’t want to mess up combos all the time than sanwas are the way to go IMO.

I actually managed to sell mine off on ebay and made a few bucks of profit for convex buttons and a happ joystick. :bgrin:

I’m a Happ player all the way. So the PCB didn’t give you any problems, such as Lag/random disconnect/input issues, when playing on your PS2 or PC?

Honestly i’d almost be all for getting one but the issue of PCB problems worry me. Then again some even complain about the PCB in the MAS of all brands, to be kinda crappy too.

Nah, had both of mine for about 2 years and they still worked. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to sell 'em. :sweat: I used it on the ps2, pc, and dreamcast and didn’t notice any lag.

I’m extremely sensitive to lag too so I know it wasn’t laggin. But, when it’s all said and done I would’ve got an hrap if I knew about it before hand. I was a bit of a novice and didn’t know any better.

The price difference is about 60-70 between an x-arcade solo and an hrap, the last time I checked and it’s well worth it. Or you could get another sfac since they’re not hard to come by (see them on the trading outlet all the time).

I was probably lucky with mine and you may not get the same experience.

Hey guys, check out what i did with the cheap X-arcade stick i bought:


Great stuff.

Yeah the best thing about X-Arcades are the cases. I was lucky to get a pair of blank single player cases for $20 each. They are extremely durable and in my opinion look nice.

Can you tell me how were you able to get blank X-Arcade stick?

So if you want to bring an X-arcade up to SRK stick standards then you have to gut it and then bless it with all new parts. This means that the only good part about the stick is the case itself (as mentioned above). However, that case style is very simple and cheap to build. It is just 4 sides and a big top. Spray it, sneeze some art at it and cover it with some plastic and you have yourself a full custom! But if you just want a good stick with absolutely no woodworking you could still use the x-arcade but please…cover that horrible logo up with some art and plastic. That would also let you cover up those unwanted button holes without using plugs.

I think the stick that epitomizes what you can do with this style case is the Leon Control Panel. Man, that thing is awesome.

So, to recap. Spend money meant for x-arcade on supplies to build your own OR use an x-arcade case AND COVER THAT HORRID LOGO!

holy crap that Leon stick kicks ass :nunchuck:

Naaa my stick is good enough as it is, and i don’t mind the logo or the plugs.

Also with those colors & layout, i doubt anyone could mistake it for a stock X-Arcade.

E-mail them and ask to buy a blank case? Thats what i’d do if i wanted to make another stick just like it. Every other part in its construction is available separately.

Very worth it if you want a nicely designed Happ case, but don’t want/or have the tools needed for the woodwork to make one similar yourself.