X-Arcade sticks

Has anyone used their products before? I haven’t seen them mentioned around here at all, so I was wondering if it was because their parts are crap, or no one’s heard of them before.

I’m asking as a first-time buyer shopping around. If anyone has any suggestions for sticks/adapters, it’d be greatly appreciated.

I’ll be playing 3S, MVC2, and GGXXAC (!!) mainly, no 3D fighters, and it’ll be on my PS3.

I’ve been looking at the hori’s, but I’ve never played on a ‘slanted’ button layout before. Is it more comfortable? Easy to adjust to? Also, the stick should be circular, no octogons or anything.

Thanks for helping a noob in advance :D.


There is already a thread about this here:


We have all heard of them and yes they are crap.

If you have only played with American sticks before you can get this for the same price as an X-Arcade:


Difference being these use real Happ parts and are the American stick of choice here other than a custom.

If you are talking about the slanted button layout of a HRAP1 then personally I hate it because it forces me to put my hand at a weird angle. If you are talking about the layout of a HRAP2 or 3 then I love it because it is a lot more ergonomic and comfortable for your hands.

For more of my personal opinion I played American sticks basically all my life but got a HRAP2 in December. I’ve been using it ever since and after 6 months of it I now prefer Japanese sticks over the ones I used for over 20 years.

^Thanks for the links.

I just noticed the HRAP3. Should I just get this instead? I don’t want to have to deal with possible lag from adapters.

I’ve also heard the HRAP buttons aren’t that good. What should I replace them with?

Edit: Or the hori fighting stick 3? Blaaah this is overwhelming…


Those are both good choices and both fairly easy to mod if you ever want to.

Yeah the buttons on HRAPs are kinda crappy. You would want either Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. I think most go for Sanwa. Or you could get a Virtua Stick High Grade but you will have to change the button configurationfor pretty much any game other than Virtua Fighter.

And with the new Pelican PS2 to PS3 adaptor you wouldn’t have to worry about lag if you got a HRAP2 or MAS.

vshg ;3