X-arcade woes (lol)


Got an x-arcade tankstick for xmas anticipating SF4 and playing SF2HD on the ole ps3. Everything was ok… but over time, the left stick got “sticky/squeaky” and the right got “loose”

So last week it stopped working alltogether… I was not a happy panda.
Hit up their support and they sent a new PCB after I told em what it was doing. They seem to be on the ball in the support dept… i suppose they would have to be considering the issues folks seem to have.

Jonesing for SF in the meantime, I snagged a CE stick off ebay (still waiting for it to arrive tho) Course again I was naive and didnt know about the washer issue at the time so I have the super glue on standby…would love to put a new stick in but my ignorant butt didnt know there was a shortage of sanwa sticks when I “won” it.

PCB arrived today… I tore into the unit, filed/smoothed/lubed the sticks (which feel better than new now) meticulously installed the pcb and switches and wouldnt you know it… still not working. I have narrowed it down to the ps1/2 adaptor (tested on a puter and its perfect)… picking up one of those tomorrow at frys…

So another night of no SF4… Its drivin me crazy!

anywho… lesson learned… I would never buy a computer part without researchin it and the same goes for this stuff as well. If I knew then how bad the x arcade was I would have either built my own or bought a custom.

/end rant (thanks for the outlet!)

The X-Arcade arcade controllers thread

Well the adapter wasnt in stock at either… I was bummed all day but had a “doh!” moment… I have 6 ps one pads packed away…

so after some reading and a trip to radio shack for some connectors I am halfway through padhacking one of em (so far so good! tested the joystick side and works great! I will post a pic or two after this monstrocity is finished.


First off, I would like to thank the folks that posted in the padhack thread… without that it would have taken me a LONG time!

All done and it works REALLY well… I never noticed the lag the x arcade had before… its VERY apparent how bad it was now that its using a ps one controller pcb.

The wiring is extremely ugly but it works… Now that I can see the difference so much now I am thinking I might gut the whole thing and start fresh!

Thanks again to you folks… I am sure there are more folks like me that dont post a whole heck of a lot but scour these forums for info when the need arises.




My custom Happ IL PS2 stick was built with an x-arcade solo case. They are pretty good/comfortable cases, about the only thing good about X-Arcade though.

Well except for those KO Happ concave buttons. Those were of surprisingly decent quality.


Why did I read this thread title like it was a toddler saying “SRK Rose?”


lol good play on the words…

After 10 matches I am still in disbelief at the lag I had before. Now I have to decide whether to put the sanwa in this or the SE stick that should be here tomorrow. I gotta admit I love the size/heft of this thing… oh well, guess I will try out the SE stick as is and see how it feels first.


it u want good parts u got to switch out the joystick and buttons to the happ competition ones… they’ll feel alot better… instead on hit the buttons alot for one move…