X-arcade WORKING ON XBOX 360! Video proof via xfps



this is my tv show and we are using the xfps adaptor

tell me what you think. and this is info to share

and if yo want to chat make sure you have a wireless head set handy
or you will have to keep the wired controller in and use the wired head set


Just a warning, be prepared for all the x-arcade haters to come out now because of this post. :lovin:

I think it’s great you got it working but for $90 is a bit much for an adaptor in my opinion. I guess this wouldn’t work if you had a dual joystick from x-arcade because you wouldn’t be able to map the second player or can you?


Whether or not you hate the X-arcade (I own two and hate them both equally!), was there ever any question that the XFPS didn’t work with them?

The real issue is exactly what mwong168 said, $90 for an adapter just doesn’t make sense when for $48 (2 Gamestop controllers) and a little soldering knowledge you can be sure it will work with zero lag and for 2 players.

By the way, nice show.


Well I’m glad to know that the OP was able to demonstrate it working so at least I know I have that option if I fail miserably at soldering two wired controllers. I’m surprised there was no lag since when you go through an adapter there usually is. There have been numerous posts regarding the x-gaming adapters for other consoles or maybe it it just with these adapters.

I have had my x-arcade since 2006 and plug it in every now and then to play MAME and I think it’s great. I don’t know if I will feel the same way if I had to use it on a daily basis but I think my days of hanging out at the arcade all day and stringing the machines to learn all the moves and combos are long gone. This was especially helpful when mastering Mortal Kombat II and III, I remember going to the local pool hall with a 60 page FAQ print out and I would check mark off each move, fatality, friendship, babality, animality, etc. After hours of practice I would go down to the local arcade and own :cybot:


At the risk of hijacking this thread, I’m right there with you mwong168. I remember kids walking around the arcade selling photocopied versions of official MK2 and 3 strategy guides before they were on sale in stores.

To get back on topic,

AlexLexus - I didn’t mean to make light of your findings and I apologize. There are a lot of people out there that may not have the skill or desire to hack up a 360 controller just to get an x-arcade to work and you’ve done them a great service by proving that there is a viable alternative.

I was actually going to buy the XFPS before I learned about padhacking the 360 controller into the x-arcade.


I’ve used my X-Arcade with a PS2->XFPS PRO and it lagged.
That’s why I just soldered an old Xbox 360 wired pad directly to P1 side.
There’s a noticeable difference.


Well I never sold the FAQ or a strategy guide to make money but I use to take other people’s money by giving them and ass whooping and making them put in more quarters to play me. To add insult to injury sometimes I would turn them into a baby or do some gay friendship ending. :yawn:


i just wanted to help cause i dont want to damage my universal pcb.
this is for those who really wanted to get this stick working without
any issues. yeah 90bucks is alot but it’s worht it cause you can use it for
ps2 to 360/ keyboard to 360/and now xarcade to 360/.

just providing the info on my show. if you need anything else covered
on the show make request on here and on youtube


So you didn’t notice any lag on your 360 with the use of the this adaptor? I don’t suppose you have an x-arcade dual joystick kicking around do ya? :china:

I was thinking how you would make the second player’s control? Would you be able to plug in two wired controllers and map the keys just like how you did for the first player? Once you have the keys mapped you don’t need to plug in the wired controller anymore even when you first start up the game right?

If there is no lag then this might be a simple solution for me as I am not very technically inclined to do all this sort of stuff and would hate to damage a perfectly operating wired controller and my x-arcade stick too! Thanks for the video and I appreciate your efforts in trying to share your findings.


Negative on the two controllers to one FPS. There was an article on this a while back and it was shown that you cannot connect two X-Arcade Joysticks (aka Dual controller x-arcades). You would basically need two FPS and Two single X-Arcade sticks for two player action.


100% no lag nad no you cant do the dual tank stick.
sorry but it works flawless for the xarcade solo
and any other coll pc controller you want to use.


What about online play? That’s where majority of the Lag is noticed when ppl used the PS3 adapters with the X-Arcade.


no lag online.
the adaptor makes the
360 a direct feed to the controller.


That’s good to know.

A somewhat expensive conversion, but good to know this option does not lag.


Just for future reference, lower the volume of the background music… it made it hard to hear what you guys were saying.


my co host has brought something to my attention. we will be testings the
dual tank stick but it wont be on the show. we might be able to get the
dual stick working with the pro adaptor we will keep you posted.

the theory is that with the 2nd usb port on the xfps we can get the 2nd controller
linked to the 360 and try to set that way


To play Devil’s advocate and why this hasn’t been successful before when others tried is that the second usb was meant for the mouse, while one is meant for the keyboard.

Essentially the mouse would control the Analog-R, and the Keyboard can be mapped to the rest of the buttons: Start, Back, RT, LT, RB, LB, A, B, X, Y, D-Pad, Analog-L.

Those are all the buttons the XFPS is programmed to map, and it’s meant to emulate and register as One 360 Controller. So the question is, how do you emulate a copy of all those mappings and have the 360 recognize it as a 2nd controller. Logically, it won’t happen without a lot of circuitry intervention as you’re limited to what the XFPS is capable of.

Those are my thoughts. I could be proven wrong somehow. Good luck.


good point i just need to get my hands on the dual stick to see what can be done. but keep the ideas coming tho.


the music makes the vid so annoying it is unwatchable


my findings have had me run into a snag with the
old x arcade stick. i will make a video showing the problem.
its hard to do ultras for some reason but everything else is 100% flawless.