X-Arcade Xbox One Adapter (with a PS360+)?

Curious if anyone has used one of these Xbox One adapters that X-Arcade is selling. Says it can take a PS2 straight to Xbox One. So was curious with the PS360+ (RJ-45 to PS2), and then with this adapter would you be pretty much set? Or is there significant lag or just work?


I save you the effort, avoid X-Arcade.
X-arcade’s past boards and adapters are really terrible.

You are far better off going to Brooke for adapters.
I prefer dual-modding myself.

Was just curious.

Its good that you asked.

Well again if anyone ever grabs one, I’m curious to hear about your experience with it.

Most of the older forum regulars here would tell you the same thing about X-Arcade.
If anything the only good thing about there stuff is there sticks have decent (not super awesome but decent) wooden bodies for american style parts.

You have to remember that Xarcade also sold repackaged Xtokki 360 converters too, so while chances are these are shit I wouldn’t dismiss them completely without someone having done lag and input tests.

That is a chance yes, but I rather not let someone take that chance unnecessarily.
I doubt xtokki has a Xbox One converter yet, as the OP asking about a PS2 to Xbox One converter.

Right, well, I don’t know if Laugh is even looking to this at this point. Really, he’d do better to get some stock from Brook than trying to find another setup at this point.

I know I found the Xtokki unbranded in China as well, exact same as what Xarcade was selling. So I’m wondering if Laugh got them sourced there.

Funny thing is the one that X-Arcade sent me doesn’t look like the one in the picture. One minor annoyance is that the adapter doesn’t work if it’s plugged in before I turn the console on.

Yeah, go with Brooks.

You have a picture of what they did send you?